Yoo Ji Tae-Get To Know Money Heist Korea’s Genius Professor

Yoo Ji-Tae is a South Korean actor, director, and screenwriter who was born on April 13, 1976. Yoo began acting in 1998 after working briefly as a model and rose to prominence after starring in the movies Attack the Gas Station (1999) and Ditto (2000).

Yoo Ji-Tae started out as a fashion model, and in 1995, he walked the runway for the Seoul Fashion Artist Association designs. Then in 2000, thanks to a string of blockbuster movies and his TV appearances, Yoo was more frequently in the spotlight than any other actor, and in a very short period of time, he climbed to become a major actor in the Korean film industry.

Yoo started making short movies in 2003, and they were warmly accepted at film festivals. Based on a storyline he prepared in college 15 years prior, Yoo directed Mai Ratima, his first full-length film, in 2012 which was released in 2013.

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Yoo Ji Tae as Professor in Money Heist Korean Version

In 2022, he plays the Professor in the Korean remake, Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area, of the popular Netflix Spanish crime thriller “Money Heist.” Yoo Ji Tae plays the professor, a strategic genius, who plans the North-South Joint Economic Zone Mint’s exceptional hostage robbery. He is the mastermind behind the robbery, planning it and recruiting a squad of criminals to carry it out. He is also the key negotiator with the government agencies, handling any necessary damage control from outside.

Some Quick Facts About Yoo Ji Tae

  • He is 46 years old as of 2022.
  • He started his career as a model.
  • He made his acting debut in 1998, and since then has appeared in various movies and TV shows.
  • He attended Chung-Ang University Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film and the Catholic University of Korea Graduate School of Social Work.
  • He was married to Kim Hyo Jin in 2011 and has two children with her.
  • His management agencies are Namoo actors and BH Entertainment.
  • Currently, he is a student at the Catholic University of Korea Graduate School of Social Work and is very active in philanthropic activities.

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Money Heist Korea: Who Plays The Korean Version of Spanish Characters
Money Heist Korea: Who Plays The Korean Version of Spanish Characters