Yang Dae Hyuk Confirmed To Appear In New Family Drama

Actor Yang Dae Hyuk confirmed his appearance in the upcoming KBS family drama “Three Bold Siblings.”

On September 8th, according to a statement from Besters Entertainment, actor Yang Dae-hyuk has been cast as “Cho Nam-soo” in the upcoming weekend drama “Three Bold Siblings.”

Meanwhile,”Three Bold Siblings” is about about K-eldest daughter Kim Tae-joo and top star K-eldest son Lee Sang-joon seeking happiness. The eldest Daughter had to sacrifice for her family and mature, and the eldest son had to support the family by becoming a successful actor in the entertainment business. A story of war and love. It stands for a “merry family drama” about love and life that centres on three distinct brothers and sisters.

Yang Dae-hyeok will play the character of o Nam-soo in the drama. Despite being earnest, Cho Nam-soo, a bright worker at a huge firm, harbours a strong sense of failure and ambition because of his lack of resources due to poverty.

Yang Dae-hyeok made his television debut in 2017 on MBC’s “Byulbyeol Daughter-in-law,” and since then, he has been in other shows including “18 Again,” “Startup,” “Wise jail life,” “Confessions Couple,” “Doctor Prisoner,” and JTBC’s “Midnight Snacks.” He has been in numerous works, and his diverse range as an actor has been demonstrated by both his strong acting chops and his adept understanding of the characters he plays.

In particular, he received favorable reviews from the audience for vividly and three-dimensionally portraying the character ‘Hong Jae-jae’ in the play ‘Rental Apartment’, which ended last month. As such, actor Yang Dae-hyeok, who is building a life character for each genre of work, it is anticipated what kind of acting transformation he will display in ‘Three Siblings Bravely’.

The CEO of Bisters Entertainment, Lim Chae-hong, stated, “Actor Yang Dae-hyuk is an actor with a charm that makes his opponent fall in love with his immersive acting.”

The follow-up to “It’s Beautiful Now,” “Three Bold Siblings,” will release on September 24, 2022.

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