Woori The Virgin Kdrama Review: The Remake Of American ‘Jade The Virgin’ Kick Off To A Good Start

From episodes 1 through 4, the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Woori The Virgin‘ had an average viewer rating of 4%, indicating positive results. It was a breezy light watch romantic comedy series

According to Nielsen Korea, the first four episodes of ‘Woori The Virgin’ placed #1 in the 2049 viewing ratings of all programmes broadcast in the same time zone. Furthermore, the viewership numbers for episodes 1 and 2 were 4.6 percent, 4.8 percent, 3.7 percent, and 4.8 percent, respectively, keeping an average of 4 percent. Episode 2 received the highest audience rating, close to 6.8%. The unique substance and quick development are claimed to have heightened the viewers’ immersion.

Woori The Virgin Review, Image Source: SBS

A romantic comedy about Oh Woo-ri (Im Soo-Hyang), who has been retaining her virginity until marriage but gets pregnant with Raphael’s child through artificial insemination, as a result of a doctor’s error during a vaginal check-up. It’s a remake of the internationally popular American Sitcom ‘Jane the Virgin’ series.

Raphael (Sung Hoon) appears amid the partygoers, exuding devilish charm, hinting that the three people have been involved in a unique accident, piquing the interest of potential viewers.

When Lee Kang-Jae (Shin Dong-Wook), her boyfriend, appears, the mood changes in an instant, producing a surrogate excitement. Like any other couple, Oh Woori and Lee Kang-Jae go about their daily lives and grow in love, but her circumstances were unique. “Why am I not determined to marry Kang Jae-Oppa?” Oh Woori asks, causing an odd tension between the two.

The mother-daughter chemistry between Woori and her mother, who got pregnant during her High School and gave birth to Woori when she was only 16.

Woori’s innocent and caring grandmother who made Woori pledge to abstain from sex before marriage. But when she hears Woori is pregnant it broke her heart.

The husband-wife relationship of Raphael and Lee Mari. Raphael wants to divorce her wife but she does everything like planning and plotting with her mother to stop her divorce from Raphael.

Oh Woori and Raphael’s past relationship are also drawn in the flashbacks which raise the anticipation and excitement for the upcoming episodes. Viewers are excited to see what kind of relationship will unfold as the drama proceeds.

Overall, Woori the Virgin was a light and refreshing watch with lots of laughter.

Meanwhile, the relationship between A&E Korea and Group 8, in particular, is attracting industry attention since it demonstrates outstanding synergy from the start of the broadcast. A&E’s investment in Korean production and Group Eight’s capacity to produce was stated to be an outstanding move to capture both box office and quality of work.

When it came to funding the production of ‘Woori The Virgin,’ we chose to invest based on our knowledge of the American original, and as a result, we helped to create innovative works that break the mould, they said. Group 8 knows how to showcase innovative works by reinterpreting content across genres like musicals and plays, as well as successfully transforming cartoons into dramas. Their understanding of the value of content and the likelihood of success in a local remake of an American original was also beneficial in this drama. ‘Jane the Virgin’ is claimed to have been recently released with a texture that matches the domestic sentiment.

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