Woori The Virgin Episode 6 Recap: Im Soo Hyang Finds Out Shin Dook Wook’s Lies

In Woori the Virgin Ep 6, Oh Woori (Im Soo Hyang) was shocked to learn that Kang-jae Lee was aware of Marie’s affair and her involvement in the murder case, but claimed not to know in front of her.

I can’t tell you because it’s under investigation,” Lee Kang-jae told Ohuri. “Are you lying because you’re afraid I won’t send the baby?”, Woori said.

Lee Kang-jae, “I’m sorry. I was mistaken. So, please, relax.” She said, “I want to be alone,” and left.

Afterwards, Oh Woori couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down her face as she took commemorative pictures. “Are you all right?” the photographer inquired. Woori bolted from her seat at that point.

“Oppa, let’s stop now,” Oh Woo-ri answered when Lee Kang-jae questioned why. Kang-jae “What are you doing?” Lee inquired. “I thought about it a lot,” Oh Woori explained, “and I remember the moment my Oppa lied to me, so I can’t accept anything she says now.”

“I’m sorry,” Kang-jae remarked. I swear I’ll never do it again.” “I believe my Oppa is doing okay now,” Oh Woori stated. Nothing can devastate your life. I wouldn’t have said that if I didn’t have a baby.” “This is how people feel,” Oh Woori stated at the same moment.

Let’s split up,” she said, holding up the ring he gave her. “If you’re sincere, look into my eyes and tell me,” Lee Kang-jae urged. “This is the end of us,” Oh Woo-ri muttered, looking at Lee Kang-jae.

Despite knowing that Lee Mari was having an affair, Lee Kang-jae hid from Oh Woo-ri. Lee Kang-jae informed Oh Woori of this when she learned of it “I didn’t want to let you down on all of our promises and plans when you had your baby. That is why I was unable to inform you.” Ouri responded, “What does oppa say it’s all his fault. It’s not my Oppa’s fault. Why does he say it’s all his fault?”

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Oh Woori and Lee Kang-jae had previously gone on a trip. Lee Mari, the team leader, had an affair with someone who died in the elevator before,” Oh Woo-ri told Lee Kang-jae during the trip. “Let’s not hide from each other and let’s not lie,” Oh Woori continued.

“Oppa, if I may become Raphael’s representative, I will not meet,” Oh Woori declared. Lee Kang-jae enquired: “I just understand how you feel,” Oh Woo-ri reassured, “why do you think we will meet often because of the baby?” We shall discuss everything if we do not meet as much as feasible.”

Oh Woori left an auxiliary battery in Lee Kang- jae’s car when they returned from the trip. Lee Kang-jae said, “I’ll bring it to you,” Oh Woori replied, “but it’s fine.” Later, please.” Following that, Oh woori received a call from Raphael and went to her grandmother’s store, Seo Gwi-nyeo.

Choi Seong-il was also in attendance. “I called the CEO Raphael,” Choi Seong-il explained. In the meantime, Lee Kang-jae noticed the three of them conversing. I came in to get a spare battery. Lee Kang-jae hurriedly fled the scene, making a thoughtful expression.

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