Woori The Virgin Episode 5 Release Date and Time

The kdrama Woori the Virgin’s fifth episode is on the way, and fans of the series are looking forward to it. Fans are impatient for its 5th episode and want to catch it soon after its release, so here we are with its release date and time.

Woori the Virgin is a South Korean drama series. It is a remake of the American sitcom “Jane the Virgin” that ran on The CW in the United States for five seasons from 2014 to 2022.

The series is a romantic comedy drama about Oh Woo-ri, a lady who has maintained her virginal purity but becomes pregnant through artificial insemination, as a result of a doctor’s error during a routine check-up.

  • Drama: Woori The Virgin
  • Network: SBS
  • Total Episodes: 14
  • Ep 1 Release Date: May 9
  • Ep 5 Release Date: May 23
  • Last Episode: June 21, 2022
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue
  • Time: 22:00 KST
  • English Subtitles: Viki

Woori the Virgin Ep 5 Release Date

Woori the Virgin Ep 5 is scheduled to be released on the 23rd of May, Monday at 22:00 KST.

Woori the Virgin Episode 5 Release Time

It is scheduled to premiere at 22:00 pm KST on SBS (the original broadcast television channel of South Korea). After some time, it will be available to stream on various streaming services like Viki and Viu.

Korean Standard Time (KST): 10:00 pm
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 1:00 pm
Pacific Standard Time (PST): 6:00 am
Eastern Standard Time (EST): 9:00 am

Woori the Virgin Kdrama airing days

It is scheduled to air every Monday and Tuesday on SBS at 22:00 KST.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Previously, in Woori the Virgin Ep 4, “Have you ever travelled to the East Sea?” Raphael asked. “I’ve never been,” Lee Kang-jae replied, cutting it with a single knife instead of Oh Woo-ri. However, neither Woori confirmed nor denied it. On the other hand, Raphael was certain that he and Oh Woori had met in the East Sea. She regretted her chastity and told Lee Kang-jae that they should go home together, and she lured him using the appeal method that Yu Ye-ri had taught her, which heightened the senses of touch, scent, and sight. The more Lee Kang-jae attempted to avoid Woori’s seduction, the more he failed.

On the other hand, Raphael announced his divorce to Lee Mari, and he informed Oh Woori and her family that he would be raising his child alone.

Where can I watch Woori the Virgin Kdrama?

Thankfully, the Internet and the development of massive streaming platforms have made access to this important aspect of popular pop and drama culture much easier than ever.

Woori the Virgin is available to stream on Viki in selected areas for foreign audiences. However, for Koreans, it airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS till all of its 14 episodes are released.

Is Woori the Virgin Kdrama on Netflix?

Netflix is a huge streaming service. It would, of course, find a way to provide a wealth of wonderful K-Drama content to its users all over the world, which it does. Here you can get high-quality subtitled and dubbed versions of the most recent and new Korean Dramas.

As of now, it is only available to stream on Viki in selected areas. However, for Koreans, it is now airing on SBS on Monday & Tuesday at 22:00 pm (KST). Maybe sooner or later it will be available to stream on Netflix.

How many episodes are there in Woori the Virgin drama?

It has a total of 14 episodes, out of which 4 episodes were already broadcast on the previous Monday & Tuesday in the scheduled time slot. So there are only 10 episodes left.

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