Woori The Virgin Episode 5 Recap: Choi Seong-il confessed to Oh Woo-ri, “I am your father.”

In Woori The Virgin Ep 5, Choi Seong-il disclosed that he was Oh Woori’s (Im Soo Hyang) biological father.

“Choi Seonho-il, I’m your dad,” he added, and Woori had no idea what that meant.Oh Woori asked, “What makes you think you’re my father? Mom, my father passed away.” Her mom, Oh Eun-ran admitted that Choi Seong-il was Oh Woo-ri’s real father.

Knowing that Woori is his daughter, Choi Seong-il attempts to be a decent father. But the more he tried, the more twisted things became, and his relationship with Oh Woori deteriorated.

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To protect Oh Woo-ri, Choi Seong-il revealed that she was his daughter, but the story of an unmarried celebrity with a daughter went viral, and public opinion quickly deteriorated.

Oh Eun-ran explained how she managed to keep Choi Seong-il’s presence hidden from Oh Woo-ri. Choi Seong-il sincerely cared for and liked her, but his mother was opposed to both. Eun-ran added “When Deok-chil’s mother learned, she came to meet me. I thought Deok-chil was ruining his life since he treated me like a germ and took me to the hospital for immediate surgery, but I was scared and ran away.

Then Eun-ran said, “I chose to give birth to you, I chose not to see Deok-chil, and I haven’t spoken to anyone since. That’s why dad seemed to be dead to me “She explained to Oh Woori why she said to her that her father died.

And Oh Eun-ran pleaded with Oh Woo-ri for pardon, claiming responsibility for everything. “No, it’s not your fault,” Ohwoori explained to her. I’m sorry for not knowing anything.

“Choi Seong-il was causing Woori concern. Choi Seong-il was moved by his daughter’s concern for him, and he expressed his love for Oh Woo-ri by saying, “I am the person who has come to this point after overcoming something worse than this.” It’s okay. And it will only improve in the future.

Public opinion about Choi Seong-il shifted in an instant. A doctor who accidentally made Woori pregnant has apologised in a video. As a result, the people’s perceptions of Choi Seong-il were clarified, and public support for him grew.

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Choi Seong-il invited Oh family after all of the misunderstanding were resolved. He cried tears of sadness and regret as he recalled Oh Woori’s school days when they couldn’t be together. Oh Woori’s heart also warmed when she saw Choi Seong-il in that light.

At the end of Woori the Virgin Ep 5, Lee Kang-jae’s countenance as he looked at Raphael, who was happy with Oh Woori, prompting questions about how their relationship will evolve in the future.

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