Woori The Virgin Episode 3 Recap: Will I’m Soo Hyang Conceive Sung Hoon’s Child?

In Woori the Virgin Ep 3, Oh Woo-ri (Im Soo-hyang) was drawn to determine whether Raphael (Sung-hoon) was qualified as the father of her child.

She, who had previously given up on abortion, said to her mother and grandmother, “I don’t want to lose my life’s core. I’d like to show that my life does not change throughout pregnancy or childbirth.”

She also said she didn’t want to call a baby a baby and made an outlandish gesture, such as pointing to a hammer and stating, “I’ll call it a hammer.”

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Woori The Virgin Episode 3 Recap

She approached Raphael and informed him of her decision. She remarked, “She has decided to give birth to that hammer.decided to have a baby.” Raphael was embarrassed by this and asked, “What were you thinking? Why did you suddenly make such a decision?

“She said, “There’s no specific cause for this. Thank you for allowing me to exist in this world.” Raphael, though, stated, “I really wanted to have a baby. I never expected the writer to make such a decision.”

“She will charge the fees essential for pregnancy and childbirth, such as hospital expenses,” she added, before adding, “She do not need the expenses you mentioned last time.” You are not required to pay them.

“Raphael accompanied her to obstetrics and gynaecology, where she told him, “I grew up without a father.” She want the baby to grow up in the most ideal family possible. It is loved unconditionally by its mother and father, and is happier than anyone else on the planet.

When Raphael remembered his predicament as a soybean couple in the soybean flour family, he was embarrassed and lied, stating, “I feel a lot of responsibility.”

Woori thought Raphael and Mari are the perfect match, but she was taken aback when she spotted Raphael kissing another woman in the office corner.

She was also surprised to learn later that he was known by the nickname “Actor Killer” and that he loved club Entertainment gatherings.

When she met Lee Kang-jae, she told him, “I can’t send hammer anywhere”. That was not anything I chose to do. Isn’t it possible for my oppa to have a look at that person? There are records of drunken accidents and parties with drugs.

Kang-jae recalled of Mari’s affair with another man and advised her to postpone the pregnancy.

“Detective Lee Kang-jae had a top-secret meeting with Mari. He said, “A few days ago, I double-checked everything. I have secured all the call history black boxes.” Marie explained, “You don’t want us to look after the child. Please accept responsibility and keep the information from her husband.

Woori met Raphael and questioned about his connection. Raphael denied it, but just as she suspected, a woman who knew Raphael appeared, heightening herr suspicions.

“CEO, do you know many women?” Woori inquired of Raphael. While Raphael was heading to the bathroom, he checked his phone and confirmed that the actress’s controversy was true. Woori then observed Raphael and actress Choi Mi-ae having a secret rendezvous and inquired, “What is the relationship between you two?”

Oh Woori then witnessed Raphael and actress Choi Mi-ae having a secret affair and asked, “What is the relationship between you two? “She was also irritated, stating, “This is not how a CEO should act. This is something I have the authority to say. I’ll reconsider if the CEO is like this. What do you think about the baby?” Despite her expectations, Raphael was doing good things, such as introducing his child to a doctor.

“She looked for the CEO for two days,” she admitted. There were several stories, photographs, and rumours to contend with.” “I liked playing,” Raphael said with a laugh. However, there were numerous inflated items. I didn’t do anything really heinous.”

“I believe things started to go bad after my mum died,” he continued. Even as an adult, I lived like this, till one day, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. “It felt like my mother in heaven said to me, ‘Don’t live like that,'” she claimed, referring to the doctor’s diagnosis of stage 3 stomach cancer.

As a result, her pregnancy progressed. She weas supported by two persons, her fiancee, Kang Jae, and her baby’s father, Raphael, after completing an obstetrics and gynaecological examination.

Raphael and the two also entered the ultrasound examination room alone, which was a strange situation. After the scan, she went home and cried in front of her mother. He sobbed and said, “Mom was correct. She couldn’t imagine how tough it would be to give a baby to someone else.

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“Meanwhile, Raphael remembered his first kiss with Oh Woori after a long time. “I came to the East Sea, we met before,” Raphael asked at the meeting spot of the two.

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