Woori the Virgin Ending Explained: Finally, it’s Lee Kang Jae not Raphael

In Woori the Virgin Ep 14 which was the last and the final episode of the drama, Oh Woori chooses Lee Kang-jae, her boyfriend over her baby’s biological father Raphael.

Woori the Virgin Ep 14 Recap

Oh Woori (Im Soo Hyang) was walking when she suddenly started to feel sick, so she went to the hospital. She was worried about the baby inside of her after receiving an appendicitis diagnosis. When she was expecting, she was concerned about the possibility of needing surgery.

When Raphael (Sung-Hoon) and Lee Kang-Jae (Shin Dong-Wook) learned about Woori they hurried to the hospital where she had been admitted. The grandmother who was with Woori described about her condition to them.

Ouri was concerned when she awoke following a successful surgery and asked, “What about the baby?” “Don’t worry, there’s no problem,” her mother Eun-ran Oh (Eun-hee Hong) told her.

The two of them went to Woori’s hospital room late at night, holding her sleeping hand tenderly. Raphael and Lee Kang-jae were pleased with the sudden fart that Ouri made after waking up, so they ran outside into the corridor and said, “Here, our patient farts,” which made everyone laugh.

After discharging from the hospital she prepared a ring and met someone and grinned pleasantly. Woori organised a feast for the baby Liu. Oh Woori, Raphael, their families and Kangjae Lee all joined her.

Later it was revealed that Lee Kang-jae was the man Woori met that day. Oh Woori asked, “Oppa, would you have married me if I wasn’t pregnant? I didn’t appear to understand the significance of oppa at the moment. But now that I’ve been through it all, I can clearly see everything. If I’m with my oppa, I believe we can do anything, whether I become a mother or grandmother.

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Woori the Virgin Episode 14

Oh Woori continued, “Oppa is like spring to me. After waiting through all the seasons, isn’t spring a fresh start?” and opened a jewellery box containing couple rings. “Will you marry me, my warm spring?” Oh Woo-ri asked. Lee Kang-jae stood up and kissed Oh Woori.

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Woori the Virgin ended with the happy and dramatic wedding of Oh Woori and Lee Kang-jae after so many twists and turns with Raphael as their moderator.

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16 thoughts on “Woori the Virgin Ending Explained: Finally, it’s Lee Kang Jae not Raphael”

  1. Was NOT the ending that would satisfy a hopeless romantic like me. Yes, it was the sound choice and rather poetic that the “less-hot-guy” got the girl and the super-hot-guy got the consolation prize but, the romantic in me is screaming for excitement and something fantastic! We make real choices in our lives each day so, when I watch a romcom, it’s to transport myself into a fantasy, not reality.

    The show was entertaining. The show gave you highs and lows and most importantly – hope! This ending probably fits in more w/ the new set of romantic audience that lives digitally therefore, a more “realistic” ending made sense for the producers.

    Thank you nonetheless. I enjoyed watching it until I didn’t get the ending I wanted. Oh, well. Such is life 😏.

  2. I am completely satisfied with the ending because I saw this coming and even though most kdrama doesn’t choose the second lead, I am content in Woori’s choice because in some adaptations she chooses the second male lead and then he dies and she ends up with Raphael. Raphael also has a lot of growing up to do ,most of which was not shown ,so the best choice for Woori right now is Kang Jae. To those who are not satisfied just watch Jane the Virgin and or the Mexican version.

  3. How can someone who has been from a failed marriage be better than someone who had been faithful and patient? I think the ending turned out just perfectly. It is more realistic and logical. And not because a child’s parents didn’t end up together already means that the child could no longer have a happy home and family. Sometimes, things could work out better even beyond society’s ‘standard’ considerations.

  4. Im kinda dissappointed in the ending too…despite the fact that Kang Jae is a good person…i hope the writer considered Raphael was the best choice for Woori’s forever…Ri Woo must grow with her biological parents, and considering Raphael was a cancer survivor and cant have child anymore…..

    • I feel the same way. Overall, the show was a major disappointment. The audience was unable to see how Woori’s pregnancy went and the time jump 10 months after Woori’s pregnancy and her giving birth was ridiculous. I really did not like the actress that played Woori either. She always had the same expression on her face and was limp like a wet noodle.

  5. I’m not satisfied with the ending. I’m expecting that she will choose Raphael over lee kang jae. That’s why, I didn’t watch the last 2 episodes. I’m sad with the ending.

    • Same. The right kind of wrong.
      It was just right for them to end up together considering all major points, but man, they don’t have on-screen chemistry so it did not feel right. Should that not the case it would have made more sense for her to choose Kang Jae. So in the end, I felt I just wasted time. I should have read the comments first before watching this drama.


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