Will Jung Uk and Mudeok realize their love for each other? Alchemy of Souls Ep 10

The Saturday and Sunday tvN and Netflix fantasy-romance drama “Alchemy of Souls” revealed stills of the romance between Jang-wook (Lee Jae-wook), a rebellious student, and Moo-deok-i (Jung So-min), a stern master, ahead of the broadcast of episode 10.

In the previous episode, Mu-deok, who was restricted from entering Songrim, and Jang-wook, who has since been named the official mage of Songrim Jeongjingak, were separated. After developing a student and master relationship, Jang-wook and Moo-deok, who had never been separated for a second, missed one another and felt each other’s voids.

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In contrast, a two-shot between Jang-wook and Moo-deok draws attention and hopes for future development where Jang UK and Mudeok will overcome the plight of separation together. Jang-wook’s eyes, in particular, longed for Mudeok. Jang-wook can’t look away from Moo-duk for even a second; his eyes are glued to her. We can see the intense love that Jang-wook, who has fallen for Moo-duk, has in his eyes.

Moo-duk appears intimidated by Jang-wook’s subtle gaze. The surprised look on Mudeok’s face, which has changed into fluffy eyes, induces viewers to anticipate great romance between the two in the coming episodes. In addition, something in Mudeok’s hand piques our interest. Before confessing, it seems as though they are witnessing a nervous tension as a man and a woman, which raises hopes that they will become more than just friends.

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“Jang-wook is beginning to suffer from love sickness in earnest,” the “Alchemy of Souls” side claimed. Additionally, this will result in a significant turning point for their relationship.

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