Will Jang Wook & Mudeok Discover Jin Mu’s Real Intentions – Alchemy Of Souls Ep 12

A face-to-face confrontation between Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min, and Jo Jae-yoon takes place in Cheonbugwan. Alchemy Of Souls side released new stills ahead of its episode 12 premiere which shows the desperate crisis of Jang-wook (Lee Jae-wook) and Moo-deok-i.

In particular, in the released stills, Jang-wook and Moo-deok-i grab attention as they hid in the Cheonbugwan. In the meantime, Jinmu, Cheonbugwan’s leader (played by Jo Jaeyoon), covertly executed alchemy of souls in a secret room, exposing his sinister plans to conquer the world.

Jang-wook and Mudeok looks are grave, as if they are witnessing a horrible incident, making one wonder why the two are hiding in the Cheonbugwan and what the scenario is that they are encountering.

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The three-way face-to-face confrontation between Jang-wook, Moo-deok, and Jin-mu in the still adds to the tension the most. The severity of the issue is evident from Jin-mu’s sudden approach with his sword drawn, and it is also made clear that Jang-wook and Moo-deok are facing an extreme crisis.

In order to conceal the truth that he used the power of ice stone, Jinmu did not think twice to carry out brutal killings. Whether Jang-wook and Moo-duk will be able to survive is called into question by this.

The “Alchemy of Souls” production team stated, “Look forward to the broadcast on the 24th as “Jang-wook and Moo-duk face a runaway royal wedding” and “The development of sweaty palms will offer you suspense and fun that you can’t take your eyes off,” they added.

Meanwhile, Alchemy of Souls is a South Korean television series written by the Hong sisters (Hong Jung-Eun and Hong Mi-Ran) and is about the love and progress of young magicians as they face their twisted fates in a mythical kingdom named Daeho that does not exist in history or on maps. It premiered on tvN and Netflix on June 18 for the first time.

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