Why Her Kdrama Episode 4 Recap

In Why Her Ep 4, Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun Jin) was drinking with a racing heart. And it was there that she overheard Gongchan (Hwang In Yeop) talking to the restaurant’s owner.

The owner asked him, “Does he have a girlfriend?” Gongchang replied that he does have a crush on someone, and then he started to describe Professor Oh to the owner. Oh Soo Jae heard all their talking and smiled secretly listening to Gongchang’s care and concerns for her.

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Why Her Ep 4

He also mentioned the guy with a $7 billion net worth who was Oh Soo-jae’s boyfriend, about whom he overheard on the law campus. When the owner said there were no chances of you winning her over the 7 billion dollar guy, Gong replied that his heart is 70 billion dollars worth.

Park Ji-young’s case was investigated thoroughly by the Legal Clinic. Gong-chan discovered that Park So-young was pregnant before her death and requested that the paternity of her biological father and her foetus be confirmed. Park Ji-young, on the other hand, kept the paperwork hidden.

A video of Park So-young’s final moments in the rooftop garden was also retrieved by the legal clinic team. Oh Soo-jae used this video to request Park Ji-young’s release from the prosecution. Park Ji-young was released safely after a suspicious man was seen pushing Park So-young down in the footage.

Park Ji-young’s emergency arrest story was also revealed. Oh Soo-jae had planned everything. Park Ji-young was unexpectedly detained by Oh Soo-jae in order to identify the true perpetrator. Oh Soo-jae explained to Ji-young, if get arrested , the authorities will have to re-investigate Park So-young’s case and if that happens, she may be able to catch the real culprit.

Park Ji-young’s mother’s hospital bills were even paid for by Oh Soo-jae. Park Ji-young said she will certainly repay her. To this Oh Soo-jae replied, ‘Your sister death will haunt you, don’t listen to others just live your life. Keep your wits about you and don’t be persuaded by others “Park Ji-young expressed gratitude to her.

Gong-chan apologised to Oh Soo-jae after Park Ji-young was released, saying he had misunderstood her. To this professor Oh said, you have one more misunderstanding about me, 7 billion dollar worth guy is not my boyfriend.

On the other side, At the end of Why Her Ep 4, When Oh reached her apartment, she found her door’s lock broken. She meticulously dialled Gong’s number and told him her apartment’s address. After listening to Oh Soo Jae screaming, Gong-chan immediately heads off to help her, piqueing viewers’ interest in what will happen next.

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