Why Her Episode 7 Recap: Professor Oh Soo Jae Arrested

In Why Her Ep 7, Professor Oh Soo Jae (Seon Hyun Jin) gets arrested in the suspicion of aiding Park So Young and Hong Seok Pal’s suicide.

Because they were unable to reach Oh Soo-jae, the investigators came right to the school. They recalled the final conversation between Hong Seok-pal and Oh Su-jae and stated, “Let’s go together. The connection between Hong Seok-death pal’s and Park So-death young’s is not the only thing to investigate.”

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Choi Yoon-sang objected, saying it would make more sense for him to voluntarily go with the witness. Oh Su-jae had a strong feeling that none of this had anything to do with Choi Tae-guk at this point because she remembered their conversation from last night. Did your chief of staff order you to arrest me, Oh Soo-jae questioned the detectives?

The chief called the detectives at this point, and the detective hung up the phone looking satisfied. The detective then announced, “Miss Oh Su-jae, I am arresting you.” Choi Yoon-sang was ecstatic about this and said, “Does it make sense to quickly detain someone with a clear identify who has not been charged with a significant crime? This is a misuse of authority.”

With the words “We are making an urgent arrest for you on charges of aiding in the suicide of Park So-young and Hong Seok-pal,” detectives swiftly took Oh Soo-jae into custody. And Oh Soo-jae recalled Choi Tae-, guk’s words “It’s preferable to be dragged along if you wish to be caught by a bait,”

It was more important than I expected, Oh Soo-jae questioned. Is it not? Are you certain that you can arrest me without a warrant in an emergency situation? After an emergency arrest without a warrant, there is a chance that the validity of the arrest will need to be determined. Are you ready to accept it? The detectives were determined and had a strong attitude.

He was instructed to remove his shackles and leave by Choi Yoon-sang and other team members from the Legal Clinic Center. The detectives, however, disregarded the demand. Gongchan then appeared. Is it sane to handcuff a lecturer in this manner at school, Gongchan questioned. Je removed the muffler from his neck and covered Oh Soo Jae’s wrists with it. Oh Soo-jae gave Gong-chan a loving gaze.

“Don’t miss the timing when you don’t have the talent, and bring whatever you need to bring,” Choi Tae-guk told Joo-wan Choi. That being the case, why didn’t you stop Su-jae from being arrested, inquired Choi Joo-wan? Choi Tae-guk then acknowledged silently without saying anything.

With Song Mi-rim representing Oh Soo-jae, a thorough inquiry officially began. Oh Soo-jae was shown a video by the detectives. In this video, it was claimed that Oh Soo-jae had ordered Hong Seok-pal to murder Park So-young. Additionally, the audio of the phone talks between Oh Soo-jae and the person in the video, Hong Seok-pal, revealed information that strengthened the situation and made Oh Su-jae feel uncomfortable.

The investigator then questioned Oh Soo-jae about whether she admitted to ordering Hong Seok-pal to kill Park So-young. Oh Soo-jae barely managed to maintain his composure while telling him to watch the video through to the end when Hong Seok-pal said, “I will meet Oh Soo-jae for the last time and I will die in front of that woman,” Oh Soo-jae became depressed.

At the end of Why Her Ep 7, Oh Soo-jae was imprisoned in a detention center, piqueing viewers’ interest in how she would handle the situation.

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