Why Her Episode 6 Recap: Oh Soo Jae Was Again Caught In Danger

In Why Her Ep 6, Oh Soo Jae was seen drawn to Gongchan.

Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) learned that a borrowed-name account existed. Oh Soo-jae revealed that she had discovered Choi had exploited her name on an overseas account to launder money.

Choi Tae-guk was enraged when Oh Soo-jae demanded a staggering 70 billion won for the use of his name. How can I trust you? yelled Choi Tae-guk, but Oh Soo-jae covered his mouth. Oh Soo-jae added, “And I’ve never been a bastard before.”

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Why Her Ep 6

Choi Tae-guk eventually said that he would pay 70 billion won and told Han Ki-taek to pay close attention to Oh Soojae regarding this.

Oh Soo-jae, who was drunk, was unexpectedly confronted by Gong-chan (Hwang In-yeop). Oh Soo-jae drew a line with him as soon as she was discovered, telling him, “I don’t want to see you, especially today,” but Gong-chan sat down in front of her and began drinking with her and comforted her with his words.

Later, Oh Soo-jae met Yoon Se-pil to go through the contract’s details. Oh Soo-jae stated that she needed to pay at least 1.8 trillion won and made the request in exchange for keeping secret the clinical outcomes of Hansoo Bio’s medication till right after the merger.

Yoon Se-pil countered that they would need to pay a double down payment if the stock price dropped by more than 13 percent. Oh Soo-jae added the condition that the person in charge should be him and then left the place.

Oh Soo-jae turned to Hong Seok-pal, the owner of the bar where Park So-young worked, after the contract was signed. He was thought to be the intruder who broke into her home and made an attempt to conceal the USB as well as the prime suspect in the death of Park So-young. Oh Soo-jae requested that the Regal Clinic members look into Hong Seok-Pal in a one-on-one contract with them.

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Why Her Kdrama Episode 6

Choi Tae-guk asked Oh Soo-jae to handle Choi Joo-wan’s divorce case so she visited his wife. The wife of Choi Joo-wan requested as much alimony as she could get as well as a formal apology from her husband.

Choi Joo-wan’s wife also revealed that the daughter of Joo-wan Choi, whom they are raising, is not truly her own child, and that she stated, “I lost my child because of him,” digging into the heart of Soo-jae, who had a similar experience.

Oh Soo-jae sobbed alone while driving home after they had met, stating, “I had to remove my pretty name and live. I only wanted to my story to a good person. I wanted to tell my story to Gong-chan. I believed he would accept it. Oh Soo-jae was trapped in a vehicle.

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Why Her Episode 6 Recap

At the end of Why Her Ep 6, Soo-jae received a call from Hong Seok-pal. He confessed to killing Park So-young and told Oh Soo-jae to look for him. Soo-jae Oh followed what Hong-pal’s told her and proceeded to the location. And it was there that she saw Hong Seok-pal’s car blow up and at the right time Gongchan called her.

Expectations are high for Gongchan. Will he be able to save professor Oh Soo-jae again this time?

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