Why Her Episode 5 Recap: Oh Soo Jae’s Past Was Revealed

In Why Her Ep 5, someone attacked Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun Jin). Oh Soo-jae was attacked after detaining Hansu Bio-related USB. Oh Soo-jae entered her apartment and immediately felt uneasy. She pretended to be on the phone as she contacted Gong-chan and told him her address. Oh Soo-Jae’s cry could be heard over the receiver, and Gongchan rushed to her. He also engaged in a fight with the individual who attacked Oh Soo-jae.

Oh Soo-jae was taken to the hospital by Gongchan (Hwang In Yeop) for treatment. When the police urged to conduct an investigation, Oh Soo-jae lied to them. Oh Soo-jae heard Gongchan wonder, “Because you believed you were surrounded by people, did you end the police investigation? Someone connected to the selling of Hansoo Bio could be the culprit.

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Why Her Kdrama Ep 5 Recap

Oh Soo-jae felt humiliated and responded, “You lack quality. You’re not that talented. It’s not good to continue to be aware of me, pay attention to me, and make connections with me to identify the culprit. It makes me feel bad.”

Choi Joo-wan was the one who attacked Oh Soo-jae. When Choi Tae-guk found out about his son’s doing he was furious and yelled at his son. Choi Joo-wan remarked, that as a result of what my father insisted he must have obtained the USB. I genuinely did it for my father, he added and Choi Tae-guk laughed.

The relationship between Oh Soo-jae and Choi Joo-wan was later revealed. It was revealed that Oh Soo-jae and Choi Joo-wan were in a relationship. Choi Tae-guk offered a flight to the United States to Oh Soo-jae, who was pregnant with his son Choi Joo-wan’s child, saying, “If she go to the United States, Joo-wan will follow soon.”

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However, Oh Soo-jae, who had been waiting for Choi Joo-wan in the United States, was abandoned when she heard the news that Choi Joo-wan was getting married to another woman. Then, Oh Soo-jae, who had a stillborn child, called Choi Tae-guk, hit her in the back of the head. Choi Tae-guk calmly said to Oh Soo-jae, “I’m sorry that it was a stillbirth.”

Choi Tae-guk responded by appearing harsh and adding, “Soojae, people must be knowledgeable about the topic and humorous. The two weren’t yours. Either return under me or live by picking up trash.”

Oh Soo-jae eventually returned to Choi Tae-guk, and remarked, “the woman your son left behind. But I’m back, and what the man’s father did to that woman comes back.

At the end of Why Her Ep 5, Oh Soo-jae, demanded 70 billion won from Chairman Choi Tae-guk for a money laundering case.

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