Why Her Episode 3 Recap: Oh Soo-jae Kisses Gong Chang

In Why Her Ep 3, Park Ji-young (Park Ji-won), Park So-younger young’s sister accused Professor Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) as murder of her sister and conducted a picket in the front of the law school.

“You don’t know what your sister did,” Oh Su-jae said to Park Ji-young. Your parents never asked, What their daughter’s source of income is? It’s simply that you wish you’d paid for it. To your sister, you, your mother, and your father were a burden.

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Why Her Episode 3, SBS

“Listen, it wasn’t me who killed your sister; it was your family,” Oh Soo-jae stated, and Park Ji-young screamed, “You killed my sister!” “I have proof that you killed my sister,” she added, enraged.

Professor Oh showed a video during her class, claiming to have discovered the woman in a rooftop garden before Park Young fell and it. She discussed the criminal of assisting a suicide and questioned the law students if her acts were a crime of assisting a suicide.

Gongchan stated, “According to what I’ve heard, there was no will in the police inquiry. If there isn’t enough proof of suicide. Even considering the probability of murder, I am not a lawyer. The lawyer Oh was exiting the first floor at the time the woman fell.”

He also expressed his complete trust in Oh Soo-jae, saying, “As a result, the professor is not to blame. Don’t be too concerned with the video. The professor is not one.”

The students at the Legal Clinic were tutored by Oh Soo-jae, who said, “Find out more about me. Even if I was on the first floor when Park So-young fell, the charges of assisting suicide did not go away totally. Check it out.”

“You appear to be looking for something,” Gongchan (Hwang In-yeop) stated, and when his buddies asked, “What is that?” he replied, “the genuine perpetrator.”

Following that, the students reconvened in the TK Law Firm to discuss Park Ji-young’s case. “Why did you ask me to find out?” Gongchan inquired. Did you have in mind that this case was a murder and the real culprit was someone else when you asked me to look into the professor?” “If you’re curious, find out for yourself,” Oh Soo-jae stated.

Gongchan then went to Oh Soo-jae’s office and inquired about what he had discussed with Park So-young in the rooftop garden. “Park So-young and I are equally pitiful in life,” Oh Soo-jae said at the time.

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Why Her Ep 3 Recap, Source: SBS

Later Park Ji-young was apprehended as a suspect in the murder of her older sister. Gong-chan was taken aback by this information and questioned Oh Soo Jae. Gong-chan was cautioned by Soo-jae Oh, “Don’t step over the line. “Don’t do things solely for the sake of your emotions,” she said.

Gongchang stated that “I never requested for the professor’s approval. You don’t have to respond to the fact that I like you. Personally, I like it. I’ll just skip this if it crosses the line.

Soojae Oh was shaken after Gongchan left, so she pulled off her shoes and broke her glass while trying to pour water. After hearing this, Gongchan returned, anxious about Oh Soo-jae, and cleaned the room.

“What are you?” Oh Soo-jae asked after a long glance at Gong-chan. With tears in her eyes, she approached him first and kissed him.

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