Why Her Episode 13 Recap

In Why Her Ep 13, Oh Soo-jae learned Baek Jin-ki’s true identity. As Baek Jin-ki admitted, “I was at fault.” 15 years ago, the illegal loan broker was first introduced to the savings bank representative by Choi Tae-guk, the head of the finance and savings bank’s corruption case investigation team.” “I got the money in exchange,” he added.

Oh Soo-jae was enraged and yelled, “Did you simply remain still, aware that the three of them were suspects due to their weakness? At this, Baek Jin-ki knelt down and begged for help, and Oh Soo-jae shouted, “That knee is so insignificant. Baek Jinki said, “If only I can catch them, I can kneel ten times and a hundred times more.”

Choi Yoon-sang kept calling Oh Soo-jae in the meantime. When Oh Soo-jae picked up the phone, she overheard Gong-chan and Choi Yoon-sang talking. Kim Dong-gu, you cheated on your doona, and she abandoned you, Choi Yoon-sang stated to Gongchan.

Gongchan responded by asking, “What are you talking about?” and “Don’t say anything careless.” Choi Yoon-sang, however, remarked, “You and she are not like that. You cheated on my sister, and she left you, he said. Gongchan, however, remarked that “it doesn’t matter” and that “it would have been right and I would have done the same if the professor had abandoned me at that time and saved her family.”

“Don’t force yourself,” yelled Choi Yoon-sang. “My father didn’t believe me either, but I don’t know how horrible it is,” Gongchan remarked. The professor, he claimed, was the only one in that hell who had faith in him. “The word that you believe in me made me breathe,” he continued. I’m so hogu-like, so I’m used to it, remarked Choi Yoon-sang in response to this, but Gongchan countered, “How about hogu? Choi Yoon-sang expressed his rage at this by exclaiming, “I’m crazy.” Oh Soo-jae cried, “My choices put Kim Dong-gu in hell,” in response to hearing this.

Then Gongchan stated, “I too lied about being Kim Dong-gu, and I did something bad, so let’s do it,” convincing Oh Soo-jae to “let’s do it.” Is this what I did? Soo-jae Oh asked before hanging up the phone.

I don’t care, and I don’t care because I know who you are, Gongchan yelled. It is nothing you hide that you are Kim Dong-gu, Oh Soo-jae stated after hearing this and adding, “I abandoned you.” The persuasive Gongchan said, “Let’s catch it together.” Let’s track down the people that messed up my life and the professor’s.

“I’m sorry,” Oh Soo-jae said to Gongchan. Next, he explained, “I thought I should,” adding, “I did it out of fear of regrets.” Then Oh Soo-jae broke down in tears and apologized. Oh Soo-jae was consoled by Gongchan.

At the end of Why Her Ep 13, tensions were high between Choi Tae-guk and Gong-chan. “Kim Dong-gu confessed, and there were no issues during the investigation and trial procedure,” Choi Tae-guk recalled during the fake trial. “Do you believe so,” he asked. Then Gongchan declared, “I will find the offender,” adding, “I will discover the true offender who made Kim Dong-gu the offender and Roh Byeong-chul the offender and even killed him.”

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