Why Her Episode 12 Recap & Summary

In Why Her Ep 12, Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) and Gong-chan (Hwang In-yeop) looked for the Kim Dong-gu case’s true culprit.

Gongchan overheard a prison guard suggesting in a whisper that Noh Byung-chul’s management should be compensated. Gongchan honed his teeth as he regarded the image of Noh Byung-chul and said, “Not you, the criminal. I’m going to turn you into a criminal so I can get the one who tried to silence me.” Choi Yoon-sang also launched his own inquiry. He first requested the case file from Seo Jun-myeong.

He subsequently relayed the incident to his older brother Choi Joo-wan. Added Choi Joo-wan, “He’s smart,” Oh Soo-jae, and Baek Jin-ki were that person’s father. Through him, my father submitted the autograph as instructed “said he. Added Choi Joo-wan, “I did everything correctly; the problem is that I was determined to lose. Kim Dong-gu was assaulted in the back of the head by him.”

Gongchan found out that Baek Jin-ki had been keeping a close eye on him for a while. Added Baek Jin-ki: “My daughter suffered an injury in an accident a few years back. However, I later learned that a student by the name of Na-jeong had assisted my daughter, but sadly, she had already perished in a tragic accident.” Gongchan informed Oh Soo-jae right away, but Oh Soo-jae drew a line and said, “I have no interest.

The following day, Choi Yun-sang informed Gong-chan of his findings and summoned Seo Jun-myung to Oh Soo-jae’s class in an effort to sabotage their friendship. However, the flow did not develop as he had hoped. Choi Yun-sang went to Gong-chan separately and stated, “You cheated on her, and she abandoned you,” while Gongchan and Oh Soo-jae would have preferred to embrace and form a link.

Gongchan, though, replied “It is irrelevant. If the professor left me at that time in order to save her family, then that is correct. That’s accurate. Since I would have followed suit, “attracting notice. Gongchan declared, “I was abandoned by everyone in the world, and my father didn’t believe me, but you have no idea how awful it is. You have no idea how much hell that is? I can breathe only because you trust in me. You simply cannot imagine. How does Hogu fare? You can believe that I received it from someone. I’ve said enough.” He continued, and Oh Soo-jae, who overheard this on the phone, cried while trying to contain the sound.

Oh Soo-jae and Gong-chan, discovered the entire truth that Baek Jin-ki and Yoon Se-pil had been trying to conceal. The fiancee of Yoon Se-pil and Baek Jin-ki’s daughter, Kang Eun-seo, was abducted and raped by three of their sons when she was at a club on the day of the incident.

At the end of Why Her Ep 12, Baek Jinki explained to Gongchan that he was not the guilty party, which astonished Gongchan. “The chance to fix it was already passed up ten years ago. Never will I go with the director, “and furiously departed the room. “Do you think it doesn’t matter what happens to the innocent client’s life for that lengthy period of time,” exclaimed Oh Soo-jae in a rage. Actually, I was guilty, Baek Jin-ki confessed, explaining why he was forced to lower his body, shocking everyone.

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