Why Her Episode 11 Recap: Choi Tae-Guk Forces Oh So-jae To Marry His Son

In Why Her Ep 11, Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun Jin) was located by Choi Taeguk, who put her in his car. In the backseat of his car, Choi Tae-Guk and Oh Soo-jae watched a show that saw Lee In-soo, a candidate, popularity ratings increase. Following the show, Oh Soo-jae and Choi Tae-guk were phoned by Lee In-soo, who stated, “Don’t you think it went too far when my promises—which I had no idea were announced—were polled? Can you tell me? “He cried out.

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You don’t need to worry, Choi Tae-guk said in a quiet voice in response. Choi Tae-guk then added, You don’t have to worry.” Then, Choi Tae-guk said, “The approval rating will go up even more. Because I am behind you,” and Lee In-su, angry at Choi Tae-guk for acting as he pleases, threw his phone in anger.

However, after hearing Choi Tae-phone guk’s call, Oh Soo-jae questioned Choi Tae-guk, “Won’t Lee Won-nim make the president work for the president?” Choi Tae-guk countered, “It’s for me,” though. “I hope you can make a fantastic dream come true,” Oh Soo-jae stated in jest. Choi Tae-guk attempted to win Oh Soo-jae over by addressing her as, “Wed Joo-wan. You’ll move for me if I move for you. I will do a lot for you if you accept me as your person. You can anticipate it.”

Oh Soo-jae then went back to the car Choi was in and knocked on the window. Choi Tae-guk lowered the window as Oh Soo-jae responded, “I’ll be sure to tell you. Sadly, I don’t consider CEO Joo-wan Choi to be a person. I’ve also never moved for someone. I am not able to be someone’s person. whoever it is,” she remarked, enraging Choi Tae-guk.

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