Why Her Episode 1 Recap: Seo Hyun Jin & Hwang In Yeop’s Slappy Encounter

In Why Her Ep 1, Oh Soo Jae was fired from her position of a representative lawyer and became a law professor.

Oh Soo-jae, clothed in a white one-piece, washed her blood-stained face and hands as the show began. To begin with, Oh Soo-jae demonstrated her amazing abilities in the case of Lee In-soo, a member of the National Assembly in the first episode.

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Why Her Kdrama Episode 1

Oh Soo-jae, who ascended to ultimate power after winning numerous trials, eventually became the law firm’s “representative” lawyer. Min Young-bae was supposed to be the representative lawyer, but after Oh Soo-jae exposed Min Young-bae’s wrongdoing, the post of representative lawyer was given to Oh Soo-jae by Choi Tae Guk.

As a result, she broke through the glass ceiling and became the firm’s first female lawyer.

Meanwhile, Soojae’s was ashamed of her secret boyfriend Ahn Kang Hoon, who was accused of raping a woman. Then she met Park So Young who claimed that she was a victim of sexual assault and said “In Korea, when women are sexually assaulted, the law is not on their side. Soo Jae said, she was drunk and her judgement was clouded, and I had never met Ahn Kang-hoon,” Oh Soo-jae says Park So-young.

“It’s like you don’t have a dream,” Park So-young exclaimed in front of the entire law office personnel when Oh Soo-jae departed the room. Then Oh Soo-jae turned around and walked back to Park So-young, saying, “No, it’s not true. I’ve got it. To get to the top. That has been my desire since I was a child, and I have already fulfilled half of it.” “I am not like you,” she declared.

After working extra that night, Oh Soo-jae departed the law company. Park So-young, on the other hand, fell from the roof after a while, revealing Oh Soo-jae’s bloody appearance which was depicted at the start of the episode 1.

Choi Tae-guk expelled Oh Soo-jae from her job as the representative lawyer after the Park Soo-young case, sparking Oh Soo-jae’s revolt. Choi Tae-guk, who recommended a law school professorship and said, “Take a short vacation,” enraged Oh Soo-jae.

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“Park So-young was killed by me. Please respond.” Choi Tae-guk then added, “Isn’t it because of you?

Gong-chan (Hwang In-yeop), a law school student, was moving a fish box at the market at the moment, and dropped the fish box on Oh Soo-jae, who slapped him in the face not once but almost thrice.

At the end of Why Her Ep 1, Gong Chan confronts the truth that the person who slapped him in the market is law school professor Oh Soo-jae, generating anticipation for the next episode.

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