Why Her Ending Explained – A Happy Ending

In Why Her last and final episode 16, Oh Soo-jae revealed Choi Taeguk’s real identity and his evil deeds one by one.

Why Her Episode 16 Recap

In Why Her Ep 16, Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun Jin) attended the Korean Bar Association’s disciplinary committee and disclosed that Choi Tae-guk was Park So-young’s murderer. Choi Yoon-sang and Ha, the head of the TK law company, provided Oh Soo-jae with video and transcript evidence, which Oh Soo-jae then made public.

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Why Her Kdrama Finale, Source

Soo-jae Oh revealed, “Park So-young was pregnant with Chairman Choi Tae-guk’s child. In order to eliminate Ahn Kang-hoon as Lee In-soo’srival, Chairman Choi Tae-guk gave the order to instigate a scandal with him. They demanded a sizable sum of money.”

Additionally, Gongchan (Hwang In-yeop) revealed his identity as Kim Dong-gu and asserted that the police and the prosecution assaulted him ten years ago in order to frame him and coerce a false confession.

Both the video he recorded the night he killed Jeon Na-jeong and the CCTV footage of Choi Tae-guk killing Park So-young that Oh Soo-jae acquired from Ha were shown to the public.

In the past, Choi Joo-wan, Han Dong-oh, and Lee Si-hyuk were afraid that Jeon Na Jeong was dead. When Choi Tae-guk discovered that Jeon Na-jeong was still alive, after ordering Choi Joo-wan, Han Dong-oh, and Lee Si-hyuk to leave the scene, he killed her to save them. Choi Tae-guk, Han Seong-beom, and Lee In-soo got together to conduct evil activities and cover up the sins of their children.

The investigative agency then looked into Choi Tae-guk and other people connected to the crime. Before taking his own life, Choi Tae-Guk spoke to Oh Soo-jae. Choi Tae-guk made excuses, saying, “I was always fierce. I did my best in every moment.”

“Weak humans behave in this way. I have nothing to be embarrassed of. I just regret one thing for once again letting you through my fence. You managed to stop me, but don’t believe you succeeded. I was not won by you,” he added.

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Why Her Ep 16

At the end of Why Her Ep 16, Oh Soo-jae and Gong-chan in particular went back to their normal lifestyles. Oh Soo-jae stated at the lecture, “My accomplishment was the result of numerous dishonourable procedures. There are a lot of regrets and embarrassing things, therefore I am a lawyer who is nothing and am working to change that in the future.”

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