Who Will Be Woori’s Man ‘Raphael or Kang Jae’ ? What To Expect In The Last 2 Episodes Of ‘Woori The Virgin’

The unresolved love triangle involving Oh Woo-ri (Im Soo-hyang), Raphael (Sung-hoon), and Lee Kang-jae (Shin Dong-wook) in the drama ‘Woori the Virgin” still has two episodes left until the conclusion. Viewers’ interest is growing as a result of twisted incidents.

Here are the points to look out for in ‘Woori the Virgin’ Episode 13 and 14:

Lee Kang-jae vs. Raphael: who will win?

In the previous episode, Oh Woori was faced with a decision after simultaneously receiving marriage proposals from Lee Kang-jae and Raphael. She wondered who she would like to spend the rest of her life with after hearing two guys make heartfelt confessions.

Oh Woori makes a choice as Raphael and Lee Kang-jae continue their relentless courtship of her. Attention is focused on who will she choose between the two of them, her child’s biological father or her boyfriend.

Could Choi Seong-il and Oh Eun-ran rekindle their romance?

Another interesting development is the reunion of Choi Seong-il and Oh Eun-ran, whose on-screen chemistry is much refreshing. Choi Seong-il continued to court Oh Eun-ran and displayed his unadulterated love after spending 29 years apart from his first love. On the other hand, Oh Eun-ran have broken up with Jeong Hyung-sik.

The question of how far the bond between the two people will go is raised as everyone’s attention is on whether Choi Seong-il, who has been given the chance after Eun-ran’s break up, can win Oh Eun-ran’s heart in accordance with the wishes of those around him.

Chairman Kim, Will it result in unending evil?

As it turns out that, Chairman Kim is the daughter that the past Chairman abandoned. To exact revenge on her father, she accepted a position at the Diamond Medical Foundation. She then continued to commit crimes against humanity by murdering people who were close to him.

Chairman Kim kidnapped the Raphael’s father and Oh Woori as the police investigation network became more focused, which heightened the play’s drama and gave the audience an intense sense of immersion.

Chairman Kim creates a new plan while at Lee Mari. Expectations are growing as to whether Mari, who was ultimately unsuccessful in winning Raphael’s heart, will agree to Chairman Kim’s suggestion and whether Chairman Kim will be able to pay for the sins she has committed.

Meanwhile, Woori the Virgin production team stated, the unforeseen events surrounding Oh Woo-ri’s pregnancy are running one by one toward the conclusion. We appeal for your attention in the decisions we will make because she has grown stronger as a result of numerous circumstances.

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