Who is Katie Louise Saunders Song Joong-ki’s Rumoured British Girlfriend

New claims about Katie Louise Saunders, who is being pointed out as Song Joong-ki’s British girlfriend, are shocking.

Katie Louise Saunders is a person who is ‘presumed’ to be Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend after revealing that he is dating. This speculation comes from Song Joong-ki’s acceptance speech at the ‘APAN STAR AWARDS’ grand prize held last September, “My beloved Katie, Nala, Maya, and Anthes. I want to tell you that I sincerely love my friends who have thought of me so preciously.”

Katie is Katie Louis Sounders, Nala is Song Joong-ki’s dog, and Maya and Anthes are the names of Katie Louis Sounders’ dog.

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Katie Louise Saunders is a British actress who made her debut in the 2002 film ‘A Journey of Love’, made her face known through the films ‘Lizzie McGuire’, ‘Borgia: The Most Corrupt Pope in History’ and ‘The Third Person’, released in 2019. It is known that she is no longer reporting news of her activities in the entertainment industry after ‘CCTV: Secret Gaze’.

In this regard, while Song Joong-ki’s agency maintains the position that “because he is a public person, he will no longer disclose his identity,” rumors about Katie Lewis Saunders and all kinds of rumors are spreading. Among them, there have been speculations that Katie Louis Saunders has daughter over a photo taken with a young girl. It stands out. This girl appears to be her daughter.

In addition, a photo from a different angle visiting an event held in Rome, Italy in 2012 is also shocking. According to the photos posted online earlier, it looks like the belly has come out a little. It was difficult to speculate that she was pregnant at the time of this, but looking at photos from different angles at the same event, Katie Louise Saunders shows a slimmer appearance.

In other words, it caused an optical illusion depending on the angle. Of course, the most important ‘fact’ is that currently, we cannot be 100% sure that Katie Louise Saunders is really Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend, unless there is an accurate statement from Song Joong-ki. It is unfortunate that even in the midst of this, rumors that are not true are spreading and becoming like established facts.

On the other hand, Song Joong-ki’s agency, High Jieum Studio, recently said, “Song Joong-ki is in a relationship with a British general.” “It has been said.

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