Who are model Ji Min Joo and soccer player Cho Gue Sung? The Rumored Couple 

There have been rumors of a relationship between the soccer star Cho Gue Sung and the model Ji-min-ju. Confusion occurred when Ji-minju’s side initially denied the dating rumour, stating, “It’s not true,” but later added, “It’s difficult to confirm because it’s a private life.”

Online rumours of a relationship between the soccer player Cho Gue-sung and the model Ji Min-joo have recently surfaced. People started to question if Ji Min-joo and Cho Gue-sung were sending each other a “love signal” because they are now following each other and because Jim Min-joo showed up wearing a uniform with the number “9” printed on it, which was also on Cho Kyu-sung’s uniform.

With “counter arms,” dating rumours between Ji Min-joo and Cho Kyu-sung first surfaced. As a result of his two goals against Ghana in the second game of Group H’s group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Cho Kyu-sung in particular became a hot topic.

Cho Gue-seong only appeared briefly in the opening group stage encounter against Uruguay as a substitute, but his attractive appearance caught people’s attention, and his SNS followers grew quickly. Cho Kyu-seong, who scored two goals against Ghana, rose to prominence. He has more than a million followers on SNS and is becoming known as the best star of the national team.

Minju Ji is a model under Elsac and is actively continuing her activities. She received a lot of attention because it was a meeting between a rising soccer star and a model.

Ji-min’s agency, Elsac, told OSEN, “The news that Ji-min-ju and Cho Gue-seong are in a relationship is something we don’t even know about. It is impossible to answer questions about the model’s private life.”

Meanwhile, Cho Gue-seong was born in 1998 and currently plays for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. Ji-min Joo was born in 2003 and is a model under Elsac.

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