What Kind Of Person Is ‘Song Kang’? His Real Personality Revealed

A director who accompanied actor Song Kang to a photo shoot abroad commended Song Kang’s personality. On July 11, fashion magazine director A posted photos from behind-the-scenes filming with Song Kang.

The Director, a veteran with over ten years of experience in the field and countless celebrity encounters, stated: “What kind of person is actor Song Kang? was a question that was challenging to respond to.

He person spoke, “For a week in Switzerland, where even I first visited, as a director, I struggled with a popular actor in various situations. It must have been once a day.”

Even though I was informed beforehand, director said that he was feeling worn out from the extra filming that had to be done because of the unpredictable weather and the need to travel from city to city. I believe my main concern was the notion that “I can do it anyway,” he said.

In praising Song Kang’s character, the director said, “I confess that he was more than a good filming partner. Despite the journey he had to travel with a frank reporter, he was very kind.”

He added, “He exhibits the most excellent manners and manners expected from a young guy of his age. He is honest, polite, and compassionate. He is a person who is not often found in those who live with such fame,” though.

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It would be good if the filming schedule was even a little bit enjoyable, and if the Korean food, which was only served once while we were there, was delicious, then that would be a little reassuring, he said. He laughed as he continued.

Recently, Song Kang confirmed that he will appear in season two of “Sweet Home” on Netflix. In Season 1, Song Kang played the part of Cha Hyeon-soo. He ran away from a depressing reality at the beginning of the drama, but as he went through a sequence of incidents, he won praise for demonstrating a character emerging from the shadows.

Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Si-young, Ko Go-min-si, and Park Gyu-young will all return for “Sweet Home Season 2,” in addition to some fresh faces like Yoo Oh-seong, Oh Jeong-se, and Kim Mu-yeol.

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