Welcome To Wedding Hell Lead Shares Key Points To Look Forward To In The Drama

Welcome To Wedding Hell is a “real wedding hell.” Lee Jin-Wook and Lee Yeon-hee, who worked as a prospective couple in Kakao TV’s original and Netflix’s “Welcome To Wedding Hell,” conveyed the point of seeing the work by sharing the key points to look forward to in the drama.

#1. “Welcome to Wedding Hell”, is like a happy ending in a fairy tale, a sympathy for the reality of a couple in their 30s, who seemed to be the beginning of happiness after hard work. romance. The most striking remark in this work is the hyper-real episode with which even the actors empathised. Lee Jin-Wook, who portrays Seo Jun-Hyung, and Lee Yeon-hee, who portrays Kim Na-Eun, agreed that this ‘Welcome to Wedding Hall on Marriage Equals Wedding Hall of Reality.’

#2. Lee Jin-Wook, who plays Seo Jun-Hyung, an ideal romantic who would do anything for his fiancée, acknowledged the ability to authentically experience the many stages of marriage preparation as the work’s greatest feature. It stresses that the ‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’ is distinct.

It realistically addresses the numerous stories that might be encountered during the process, from proposals to entering the wedding hall. “It will be interesting to compare the aspects of marriage I didn’t know about, the experiences I had, or the things that were different from that,” he continued.

#3. “There are many episodes that are likely to happen in reality, so it will be fascinating to witness and empathise with,” said Lee Yeon-hee, who played Na-Eun Kim, a realist who hopes for a happy future through a rational and economic marriage. She added a realistic “death move” to each episode of preparing for marriage by comparing it to a game’s mission.

I believe it is necessary to have an honest talk with each other, just as Junhyung and Naeun did. “I hope you remember this instead of fretting alone, chatting together and finding a solution.” She added.

From the exhilarating romance in the early stages of dating to the genuine romance of marriage, it is not a fairy tale. There will be a past, present, and future in the process. You can expect real work that will serve as a reference for future couples and the gold standard for true adult romance, said the production team.

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