Top 05 BEST Fantasy Korean Dramas

If you haven't watched these then you are missing something great

W: Two Worlds

A surgical resident is pulled into the webtoon world of W, which was created by her father, and becomes entangled in a murder mystery.


Hotel Del Luna

A mysterious hotel that caters only to ghosts; the beautiful but ill-tempered CEO is cursed to manage the hotel due to a terrible crime she committed, but cannot remember.


Tale of The Nine Tailed

It tells the story of a nine tailed fox was once the mountain spirit . He sacrificed his life as a mountain god to resurrect the life of the woman he loved



An immortal goblin, goes to find a human bride to remove an invisible sword from his chest and end his life. One day, school student Ji Eun-Tak confesses to him that she is the chosen one.


Legend Of The Blue Sea

A mermaid, starts following a con man, Joon-jae, who initially helps her out. However, while she tries to adapt to the human world, she finds herself falling in love with him.


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