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"Our Beloved Summer"

Reccomended Best Romantic Korean Dramas

A coming of age romantic comedy that revolves around Choi Ung (Choi Woo-shik) and Kook Yeon-Soo (Kim Da-mi), ex-lovers who broke up with a promise to never meet again.

Floral Separator

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True Beauty

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A female student`s life changes as she learns make-up techniques. She lives hidden behind the make-up from her hurtful past


Extraordinary You

A girl discovers she's just a comic book character whose fate has been determined by a writer, she decides to change the plot to her liking and finds the love of her life.


Still 17

A girl must adjust to a new world and an adult life after waking uo from a 13-year coma and receives help from a troubled man who caused the accident that resulted in her coma.


Run On

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.A love story of a popular sprinter of the national team, who quits being a sportsman, and a subtitle translator of movies, who is thrilled by her work.


My ID is Gangnam Beauty

.A girl gets plastic surgery after years of being bullied because of her looks.But, her pal satrts to backfire and now, she is bulled as "Gangnam plastic surgery monster". 


Love Alarm

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A Cellphone app shows if someone likes you when they are within 10 meters of distance from you, the alarm for the app rings.


The Heirs

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It depicts the love live of young, rich boy and a girl named who is considered ordinary and comes from a poor background.

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