07 Best  Romantic Korean Dramas of 2021

Which You Should definitely Check Out In 2022


Must Watch Best Romantic Korean Dramas of 2021



The story of a romance between a man who is annoyed with relationships but likes to flirt and a woman who wants to date but does not believe in love.

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Now, We Are Breaking Up


The series is story of love and break ups in the romantic world. It illustrates the present scenario in the context of fashion industry.

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Hometown Cha Cha Cha


At a crossroads, a dentist moves to a seaside village where she meets a handyman intent on helping his neighbours.

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Our Beloved Summer


Years after filming a viral documentary in high school, two former lovers get pulled back in front of the camera and into each other's lives.

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The Red Sleeve


The Red Sleeve kdrama is set in Joseon Era , it depicts the love story of a crown prince who falls in love with a court maid.

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The King's Affection


 Princess gives birth to twins but sends the girl away to save her life. Years later, the twin son dies in an and his sister must assume his identity and throne.

Doom At Your Service

A woman realizes that she is dying. She only has 3 months to live. She meets Myul Mang, the person representation of doom, and ends up agreeing to a 100-day contract with him.


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