Where To Watch It’s Beautiful Now Kdrama Online For Free?

Watch Its Beautiful Now Kdrama Episodes Online.

Its Beautiful Now is an ongoing k-drama and fans are looking forward to watching it, especially foreign fans who do not have access to the South Korean Television Channel where it is originally broadcast. Who knows, one day it may also become possible to have access to these South Korean television channels on our (non-South Korean) TVs as well. So they are wondering where to watch it. That’s why I am here to suggest you the streaming service where you can stream It’s Beautiful Now kdrama if you are not South Korean.

Thankfully, the Internet and the development of massive streaming platforms have made access to this enthralling aspect of popular Korean culture much easier than ever. Now, you can watch your favourite shows on anything and anywhere with the connection of the internet on your desired device, whether it is a mobile phone or a television.

Gone are the days when you had to watch your favourite shows only on your television, and that too at a fixed time. You can now easily watch anything on a palm-sized device, yes, your mobile phone, or on your large ultra HD laptop screen at any time. You simply need a good internet connection and a connection to your desired streaming site where you can stream your favourite shows without any interruption or any time barrier.

It’s Beautiful Now is a South Korean weekend drama, directed by Kim Seong-Geun, exposing the realities of today’s generation, which is hesitant to marry and start a family. It began on April 2, 2022, on KBS2 and airs every Saturday and Sunday at 19:55 KST on KBS2.

The plot follows the Lee family, whose patriarch is Lee Kyung-Cheol, the grandfather. His son, Lee Min-ho, has three sons with his wife, Han Kyung-ae. Because the boys are hesitant to marry, the elders promise to provide an apartment to the son who marries within six months.

Genres: Romance, Drama, Family
Cast: Yoon Shi-yoon, Bae Da-bin, Oh Min-suk, Shin Dong-mi, Seo Bum-june, and Choi Ye-bin

Where Can I Watch It’s Beautiful Now Kdrama Online?

It is a weekend drama and airs every Saturday and Sunday on the South Korean television channel KBS2. However, for international audiences, it is available to stream on Viu and KOCOWA for selected regions including North and South American regions such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and others.

Best Places To Watch Its Beautiful Now

KOCOWA: You can watch It’s Beautiful Now Kdrama online on KOCOWA. Kocowa is a cooperative effort involving the major three Korean broadcast networks: KBS, MBC, and SBS to provide Korean entertainment to the Americas, including K-dramas, K-reality, K-variety, and K-pop, all with multi-language subtitles.

It is supported by Web, iOS, Android, Google TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, and Roku.

KOCOWA can provide current programming on the same day it airs in Korea, as well as the best library content of Korean dramas, romantic comedies, and variety shows, all with high-quality English subtitles. More features and language options are added as the platform grows with its audience, such as the recent inclusion of Portuguese and Spanish subtitles on chosen material for anyone to enjoy.

Within 6 hours of the Korean linear broadcast across the Americas, all episodes are available with premium English, Portuguese, and Spanish subtitles. Subscribers can choose from three different subscription plans to ensure that they never miss an episode of their favourite show.

It offers both a subscription-based plan and an advertising-based plan for its users. You can get its subscription for or $6.99 per month, $69.99 per year, or $0.99 per day. When you sign up for a monthly membership, you’ll get a 14-day free trial, and an annual subscription will save you two months. Subscribers can access all of KOCOWA’s K-content without advertisements, as well as unique premium member privileges. Those who choose the advertising-based plan will get access to new content 24 hours after it is released.

VIU: Viu is also a great place to watch Its Beautiful Now right now. Viu is a Hong Kong-based video streaming service, that publishes episodes of any series eight hours after they air on television.

Premium subscribers can access exclusive content hours after the show’s initial broadcast without being interrupted by advertisements. You can also choose to download an infinite number of full-HD episodes. After 72 hours, they can access special content and even download one SD episode.

How To Watch It’s Beautiful Now Kdrama Online For Free?

You can watch It’s Beautiful Now Kdrama online free on Kocowa either by advertising-based plan or by signing up for Kocowa’s 14-days free trial. And it is also available to watch on Youtube, where you can without any doubt watch this drama for free.

How To Watch It’s Beautiful Now Kdrama From Anywhere?

If you live in a country where the Kocowa or Viu streaming services are not available then, you can watch shows with a VPN membership. To watch Its Beautiful Now from the region where it is not available, you can watch it via VPN by enabling the location where it is available. But, I am not sure whether this is a legal way to stream shows or not.


Is Its Beautiful Now On Netflix?

Netflix is a huge streaming service. It would, of course, find a way to provide a wealth of wonderful K-Drama content to its users all over the world, which it does. Here you can get high-quality subtitled and dubbed versions of the most recent and new Korean Dramas.

But, unfortunately, It’s Beautiful Now kdrama is not available on Netflix. Maybe sooner or later it will be available to stream on Netflix if they make it available in their watch directory.

Is It’s Beautiful Now Drama On Disney Plus?

Recently, Disney+ also added so many Korean Dramas to their watch directory and also released some of their Original Disney+ Dramas like Rookie Cop, Soundtrack#1 etc. But unfortunately, It’s Beautiful Now drama is not available on Disney+.

Hope you found this blog post helpful. What are some of your recent fav k-dramas? Do let me know in the comments.

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