WATCH: 2nd Teaser Of Kim Sejeong’s New Drama Today’s Webtoon Has Been Released

Kim Se-Jeong‘s development as a jovial new employee is portrayed in the new SBS drama “Today’s Webtoon”

A new webtoon editor named Onmaum who was formerly a judo player is featured in the drama “Today’s Webtoon,” which depicts the exciting office life of the webtoon business to upload “Today’s Webtoon” every day. Onmaum (Kim Se-jeong), a former judo athlete, has a happy growth story as she levels up as an office worker in the webtoon sector in the latest teaser.

As a Judo player in the National team, she can jump through the old buildings while cheering loudly and defeat anyone who threatens. The narrative of “The Future is Always Unpredictable” asserts that an unimaginable future actually occurs. Who had spent her entire life just exercising, joined the editing staff at the neon webcomic.

Though the heart, who boldly declared the high aim of “I will do my best without disturbing the team,” is full of turmoil in her professional life. During a dinner party, she signalled, “(Alcohol) is sweet!” Deputy Editor-in-Chief Ji-hyeong Seok (Daniel Choi), mentors “What is a true editor?” by casting a passionate kick, and Jun-yeong Koo (Yoon-soo Nam), who sprints with all his might. Considering that the soul of I enjoy both webcomics and judo.

Kim Sejeong’s acting abilities in this teaser, which appear to have mustered all of her unique qualities, are quite impressive. The action talents that have been refined at the start of the teaser show out in the magnificent action scenes to reveal the astounding characteristics of “selection.” She flirts with alcohol in a lovely way, and she even assumes a comical quality in the scene where she uses her talents to carry an intoxicated coworker. Most importantly, Kim Se-Jeong’s upbeat attitude makes her a perfect character.

Today’s Webtoon Teaser 2

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