Watch: 2nd Teaser Of Highly-Anticipated Drama “Again My Life” Shows Strong Determination Of Lee Joon Gi

According to the new teaser video, which was released on Friday 25th March, Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-Gi), a hot-blooded prosecutor, will fight for revenge with five tragic partners in the SBS new Friday-Saturday drama “Again My Life,” according to the new teaser video. Lee Joon-gi, Kim Ji-Eun, Jung Sang-hoon, Kim Jae-Kyung, Hong Bi-ra, and Ji-chan, whom he met in the second round of his life, will become fateful partners with Lee Joon-gi, Kim Ji-Eun, Jung Sang-hoon, Kim Jae-Kyung, Hong B-ra, and Ji-chan.

The second teaser video features Kim Hee-woo, Kim Hee-ah (Kim Ji-Eun), Lee Min-soo (Jeong-hoon Jeong), Kim Han-mi (Kim Jae-Kyung), Kim Gyu-Ri (Hong-bi-ra), and Park Sang-man (Ji-chan) all gathering in one location. “Their destiny is shifting.” These are the tragic partners that Kim Hee-woo met 15 years ago when he returned. With them, anticipation is building for Kim Hee-Woo’s retribution plan, in which he would make an exact prediction based on his previous life’s experiences and move forward rapidly.

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Again My Life

The extraordinary presence of Kim Hee-Woo’s closest aides, Kim Hee-ah and Lee Min-soo, stands out among them. Kim Hee-ah is a super alpha female with a wealth of information and a stunning appearance. The identical names of Kim Hee-woo and Kim Hee-ah, in particular, reveal the intense attraction between the two. Also, as shown in Lee Min-Soo’s line “Because you are the only one who can cope with me,” attention is centred on how Lee Min-soo, who is interested in Kim Hee-woo, will change as a result of meeting with Kim Hee-woo.

Above all, “We must strengthen ourselves in order to safeguard everyone.” “Because there is power, we can attain justice,” Hee-woo Kim’s sentence piques interest because it contains a solid determination to have the power to set justice in order to go beyond justice, which is the strong interest. The abolition of absolute evil and the refreshing cider that six people who are just as strong as they are will meet as fate partners have raised the stakes.

2nd Teaser Of “Again My Life” with English Subtitles

Again My Life Second Teaser, Souce: Youtube

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