V & Jennie Allegedly Kissing…New Photos Leaked

The rumored couple picture of BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS (BTS) V is being circulated once more.

On the 16th, many photos of a man and woman who look like V and Jennie were posted on online communities. Both the woman and the male were wearing bucket hats, but the woman then removed her hat.

In the picture, the male is giving the woman a kiss while she beams with joy. The two went to a temple, stood in front of a huge Buddha statue to offer prayers, and went to a sheep farm and a park. A joyful mood similar to any other date-going couple can be witnessed.

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Allegedly V and Jennie Viral Photos

The rumour that V and Jennie were dating first appeared in May. It was a result of the images that were trending online. Along with the pictures, a hypothetical eyewitness tale of witnessing a man and woman who were likely V and Jennie riding in the same car on Jeju Island was spread. Even then, neither of the two agencies clarified the dating rumours between the two.

Since then, various images of a man and a woman who look to be dating and were presumed to be V and Jenny have gone viral. There were also pictures of man kissing forehead of a woman, video call recordings, and pictures of a man visiting a woman and lying next to her cat. The matter intensified as internet users started to assert that Jenny’s account had been hacked.

V’s agency Hive and Jenny’s agency YG Entertainment haven’t released any formal statements in this regard yet.

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