‘Under The Queen’s Umbrella’ Oh My Prince’s! Who is your favorite prince?

The male protagonists of the new Netflix and tvN period drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” are winning the hearts of the viewers with their subtle and delicate performances in the drama.

The male protagonist who saves the female protagonist was referred to in the past as the Prince of White Horse. He is obviously not a true royal. It is merely a metaphorical expression in line with the fantasy ideal that the prince represents. From the past to the present, the prince has been the object of affection. This wish is being fulfilled by the tvN Saturday drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella,” which is labeled as the Joseon adaptation of “Sky Castle.” The screen is continually filled with cool and attractive princes, drawing viewers’ attention. Who is the prince who made your heart flutter?

#. The Double-sided Prince Seongnam (played by Sang-Min Moon)

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Sang Min Moon

The two-sided subtle emotional signal in the expression of fire and water is stylish, yet it is a typical “outside the touch” that displays delicacy in times of need. He is the most masculine of the princes because he spent his early years outside the palace. She is however quick to the world and adept at reading people’s emotions as a result of her life in Seochon outside the palace. He is skilled in riding horses, shooting bows, and martial arts. Among princes, “Deokche” stands out as having the most virtues.

He also pauses his wanderings because of the illness of his mother, Jungjeon Hwa-ryeong, and his older brother, Bae In-hyuk, who is also his older brother. Particularly intriguing is the untold tale of Daegun Seongnam having to spend his early years away from the palace, which heightens the mystery around him.

After a heated casting process, Moon Sang-min, who made his Netflix debut in the drama “My Name” last year, was chosen to play Seongnam Dae-gun. His appealing appearance and rebellious personality attracted attention after the broadcast, and it is anticipated that he will develop into a future stealer.

He was born in 2000 and will turn 23 this year. He stands 190 cm tall and has a nice physique. He is a well-known prospect who is developing quickly in line with Awesome ENT’s expectations, to which Park Seo-Joon belongs.

#. A Trouble Maker Prince Muan (played by Sang-Hyun Yoon)

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Sung Hyun Yoon

A romantic prince with wit and humour. He always causes trouble; he is a troublemaker. He originally appeared in the first scene, covered in a blanket and wearing a gisaeng transcend. Il-Young Dae-Gun, the youngest son, is in his palm as he hurries toward the end of the school year.

An attractive face is a plus, like Seongnam Daegun. He has rapid but shallow head movements and cunning. However, the pleasant and uplifting mood more than makes up for all of this. He is the prince who suffers from Hwaryeong’s beatings the most, yet he is also the prince who enjoys the most cuteness. His charm point is that he is always sincere in his love.

Yoon Sang-Hyun, a self-described “complete rookie,” is demonstrating acting prowess in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella,” which defies belief as his debut performance. As a member of Hodu&U Entertainment, “Report of Actors” is grabbing viewers’ attention by showcasing his excellent acting abilities.

#. The Mysterious Prince Gyeseong (played by Yoo Seong-ho)

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Yoo Seong Ho

He is the red-headed prince who enjoys the most trust from Hwaryeong. He is a prince who is as frail as a daughter and always shows kindness to his younger siblings. At his best, he is a gorgeous man who is skilled at calligraphy, painting, and gayageum. He pays attention to what his mother says and is a skilled learner. He appears to be the ideal prince from the outside. Gyeseongdaegun, however, is forbidden from sharing a secret with anyone.

He has deep-seated worries about the times, to the extent that he will die instantly if discovered. It is gender identity uncertainty. He pressed his heart like this and secretly enjoyed dressing as a woman, but Hwaryeong eventually discovered it. Daegun Gyeseong captures his genuineness in the image that Hwaryeong gives him of him disguised as a woman.

Yoo Seong-ho, who plays Gyeseong Dae-gun, is a rising star from the reality show “Produce 101” who gained popularity by playing roles in the dramas “Undercover” and “Excellent Shaman.” He sensitively portrays Dae-other gun’s side as a fresh actor.

#. The Cruel Prince Uiseong (played by Kang Chan-hee)

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Kang Chan Hee

Uiseong is intimidating since he is strong, smart, and attractive. He is a timid prince, but because his maternal grandpa is the strong Younguijeong, he is brimming over with pride. He is strong enough to engage in war with the army. He is a cruel prince who often avoids the strong and tramples or crushes the helpless.

He was the first boy born in the palace and originally belonged to his mother’s status in the middle court. His desire for the throne is very intense. He’s not a tsundere; in fact, he’s a horrible guy, but he’s a prince who embodies everything that makes a “bad man” interesting.

Kang Chan-hee, who plays the antagonist Uiseong-gun, is the most well-liked actor among the princes of “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” and currently performs with the idol group SF9. He has a distinguished career as an actor and has made stunning performances as a child actor in well-known dramas like “SKY Castle” and “Signal.” He is showcasing his startling character transition into a villain in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella,” which contrasts with the part he has previously played.

#. The Intelligent Prince Bogum (played by Kim Min-ki)

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Kim Min Ki

Bogum’s mother is a maid, but thanks to his genetics, he has everything and is an “Umchinah.” He looks like her father, Wang, who is smart, and has a handsome face because He looks like her mother. He is a talented, honorable, self-assured, and determined prince. He is an excellent student who, even without assistance, always finishes in first place at the end of the year.

He has a profound understanding of his heart, on the other hand, to the point that he can console his immature mother. He is a prince who pays the most attention to what kind of existence he will emerge in the royal education because he has a lot of talent.

Due to his strong acting abilities, Kim Min-gi, a rising star rookie, has been cast in a series of roles in the films “Goddess Advent,” “Racquet Boys,” “Adult Trainee,” and “The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won” since last year. He played Daegun Chungnyeong, afterward known as King Sejong, in “The King of Tears, Lee Bang-won,” and gave a strong performance.

Meanwhile, Under The Queen’s Umbrella is a South Korean historical black comedy television series directed and written by Kim Hyeong-Sik and Park Ba-Ra, respectively. It features Kim Hye-soo, Kim Hae-sook, and Choi Won-young in the main roles. It was scheduled to be released on tvN and Netflix on October 15, 2022, and airs every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 (KST) thereafter. The drama focuses on Joseon’s top 1% schooling strategy for turning princes who cause problems for the royal family into proper princes

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