Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 9 Recap: Love Between Nam Joo-Hyuk and Kim Tae-Ri Begins

In ‘Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 9′, to meet a chatting friend, Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim came out with a yellow rose as a token. When Yu-rim realised her chatting buddy was Na Hee-do, she fled, giving her rose to Baek Yi-jin.

Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-Ri) was persuaded that Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk) was her ‘Injeolmi’ chat partner, and she said, “You made it happen. We’ll finally meet up in some way.”, ‘I have to have You’. Na Hee-do felt embarrassed and fled when Baek Yi-jin denied her. After that, Na Hee-do kicked her quilt, recalling the moment she confessed to Baek Lee-jin and how, if she only ran into Baek Lee-jin, he would avoid him.

twenty five twenty one episode 9

Hee-Do saves Yi-Jin from a tough situation that night. Because there is no one else in the house, she welcomes him into her residence to do his news briefing. After saving his broadcast, the two start talking, and Yi-Jin grabs her arm as they explore the nature of their relationship. Following that, Na Hee-do stated, “I’m not sure what to make of Baek-Jin’s relationship. It does not fit into any of the categories established by acquaintances, friends, lovers, or individuals.” Baek Yi-jin responded to Na Hee-Do’s list of scissors, clouds, and rainbows by saying, “I prefer rainbows.” Just when Jae-Kyung is about to return home. Yi-Jin is taken aback when he discovers that his boss is also Hee-Do’s mother.

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Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 9

Meanwhile, Baek Yi-jin was filming a documentary with Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim as the primary protagonists at Taeyang High School when he ran into Na Hee-do. “I was sold out,” Na Hee-do stated when Baek Ki-jin inquired why she was avoiding him.

“I’m crazy complicated because of you these days,” Na Hee-do exclaimed when Baek Yi-jin was frustrated. I’m envious of your success. No, I enjoy your company. But I also feel inadequate in comparison to you. That is why I despise you so much these days.” Baek Yi-jin burst out laughing when she saw Na Hee-do, who was transparent to the depths of her heart, expressing her sentiments for Na Hee-do, adding, “I’m done with my problems.” I’ve never done anything like this before.”

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Ko Yu-rim, on the other hand, was unable to sleep because Rider 37, who provided comfort and courage to her lonely and difficult self, was Na Hee-do. Koh Yu-rim, who understands how much Na Hee-do adores her, recalled how much affection and comfort she had received from Na Hee-do. She apologised and introduced herself as Injeolmi. With their awkward but pleasant looks, Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim reunited while hugging one other, shed tears, and looked forward to the future.

Following that, Na Hee-do was overjoyed, who had come to the broadcasting station for an interview for the documentary. During the interview, Jin Baek made a point of noticing that Na Hee-Do’s left face was attractive. However, the documentary producer ordered Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim to play simultaneous fences which created disagreement during Asian games in the absence of Baek Yi-jin, and Na Hee-do damaged her ankle as a result of numerous number takes. Baek Yi-jin dashed away, enraging the documentary producer, before grabbing Na Hee-do and rushing to the hospital. Na Hee-do praised Baek Yi-jin for being by her side, stating, “You are always by my side at the end.”

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At that time, Na Hee-do noticed a large rainbow and pulled over, but unlike Na Hee-do, who was pleased with the sight, Baek Yi-jin was concerned about Na Hee-Do’s ankle “You always have a knack for taking me to a wonderful place,” Baek Yi-jin, who eventually grew comfortable looking at the rainbow, exclaimed at Na Hee-Do. He confessed, “You always guide me to the proper location and to a good place.”

Na Hee-do, who grinned and remarked that the rainbow represented the definition of their relationship, prompted Baek Yi-jin to respond, and Baek Yi-jin replied, “It’s love. Na Hee-do, I love you. I don’t need a rainbow.” With ‘Love Confession,’ Kim Tae-Ri and Nam Joo-hyuk left a touching and fluttering afterglow at the end of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 9’.

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