Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 8 Recap-Na Hee-Do confesses To Baek Yi-Jin

In ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 8, Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-Ri) was trapped in a storeroom and listening to the recording, she heard Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk) declare her love to her first love, Da-Eun. The recorded voice of Baek I-jin was also heard by Moon Ji-Woong and Ji Seung-wan. “Why the hell are you listening to this?” Baek Yi-Jin inquired. “It’s because you abruptly disappeared,” Na Hee-do replied.

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Suddenly, Na Hee-Do mistakenly uses gents’ washroom, she is startled when she sees Baek Yi-Jin standing behind her, she hurriedly lefts the washroom. Baek Yi-jin gave Na Hee-do a handkerchief . “Do you carry such things with you?” Na Hee-do asked Baek Yi-jin replied, my father, instructed ‘To be a gentleman, you must always carry a handkerchief in your pocket.” “Why are you who should be at Gyeongju here?” he asked. ‘Na Hee-do,’ responded “I was expelled from the athletes’ community. She needs to stay at home until her punishment for her behaviour during the press conference decide.

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Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 8

“When I go home, I have to face my mother,” Na Hee-do confessed, I don’t want to see her. Baek Yi-jin, “Wasn’t it true that you were sleeping here? What the hell are you doing here?” Baek Yi-jin’s words were cut off by Na Hee-do saying stop nagging. Following that, she conveyed her gratitude for interviewing the referee by stating, “Thank you very much. He replied he would have done the same if it weren’t for her. She responded, I know it was for me, Thank You.

After getting a job, Baek Yi-Jin went out to pay off her own father’s debt one by one. He also met with Yu-rim and asked her, you were expelled from the athletes’ village. Koh Yu-rim responded, “I objected to the referee because I know was extremely fast. But I had no idea that protesting and being unfair would cause Na Hee-do to feel so offended by everyone.

“It must suggest that there are more people applauding for you than you think,” Baek Yi-Jin commented when she heard this, “If that cheering is a method to condemn someone, I don’t need that type of support,” Koh Yu-rim stated. “You can’t choose that,” Baek Yi-jin replied with a shake of her head. That’s how a celebrity lives.” “The only thing you can choose is whether or not to eat this tteokbokki,” he said.

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Baek Yi-jin got ready to move, When Na Hee-Do learned about Baek Yi -Jin’s relocation, she insisted Ji-Woong Moon and Seung-wan Ji help Baek Y-Jin with his moving. Yu-Rim also came to help Baek, seeing Rim, Na Hee-Do asked whether you leave or I, Rim refused to leave and Na Hee-Do also stayed. Meanwhile, Na Hee-do discovered a sticker image in the book. Ji Seung-wan and Moon Ji-Woong mistook themselves for Da-Eun. According to the late Yu-rim, she’s the girlfriend of Baek for the longest time.” When Na Hee-Do went out she finds Baek Yi-Jin chatting with the neighbour ladies and asked jealously, How do you feel around the company of Women?.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 8

Baek Yi-Jin asks Na Hee-Do to buy him ice cream, Baek Yi-Jin hurriedly grabs Na Hee-Do as could be hit by a biker, she gets ice cream on her face which Baek Yi-Jin wipes off with his handkerchief. “I’ll wash and return the handkerchief You lent you the last time. I’d forgotten about it.” Na Hee-Do said. Baek Yi-jin kept laughing and asked for her back when she was ready. “I adore seeing you,” Baek Lee-jin said in response to Na Hee-Do’s question about why he keeps smiling.

After returning home and looking in the mirror, Na Hee-do stepped out again and remarked to Baek Yi-jin, it is true that I’m still in elementary school and I like collecting stickers that still have the appearance of a youngster. I don’t want you to see me as a kid anymore, she added angrily.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 8, Image: tvn

Na Hee Do finds some listening music at the poolside, she was amazed seeing Yu-Rim there as she was crying and eventually jumps into the pool and she recalls some past memories of seeing Yu-Rim’s wet clothes. After reaching home, “I saw her cry. What kind of hell does she live in. I hated her so much, yet my heart is peculiar,” Na Hee-do confessed to her chat friend Injeolmi. Injeolmi was Yu-rim, and she listened to Na Hee-Do’s story without knowing whether it was her own. “I wish the girl knew your sentiments like this,” Injeolmi remarked, “then she would be less lonely.” Na Hee-do said, “Are you having a hard time as well?” Injeolmi replied, “Shall we meet?”

Baek Yi-Jin insisted on coming with Yu-rim when she said she was going to see her online friend, someone whose identity could not be confirmed. Koh Yu-rim and Baek Yi-jin waited a significant distance apart at the meeting location. Na Hee-do went by with a yellow rose, a symbol of recognising Injeolmi and Rider 37, and Ko Yu-rim, stunned seeing Na Hee-Do holding a Yellow rose, she gives a yellow rose to Baek Yi-jin and flees.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 8
Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 8, Image-tvn

Baek Yi-jin was waiting for Na Hee-do with a yellow rose. ‘Everything becomes clearer,’ Na Hee-do said as he approached Baek Yi-jin. I wasn’t envious of you in the least. I was enraged because I believed you had not earned it. Many nights were made easier by our stories. If that’s you, then I’ve earned it,’. She confessed to Baek Jin-jin at the same moment “Baek Yi-jin, no, injeolmi. I’ve got to have you.”

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