Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7 Recap & Summary

In Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7, Na Hee Do (Kim Tae-Ri) finds out Baek Yi-Jin had a Girlfriend. Previously, in episode 6 of ‘2521’, Na Hee-Do was fencing against Ko Yu-Rim in Asian Games Finals.

In Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7, Na Hee-do faced up against Ko Yu-rim in the Asian Games final. Remembering her father’s words, Na Hee-do did her best. She passed Gogurim and advanced to a 14-14 tie with one point remaining. With only one point remaining, Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim launched a coordinated attack. Although both lights came on, the referee blew a signal that Na Hee-do had won, and Na Hee-do was awarded the gold medal. However, the Yu-rim objected strongly to the referee and denied accepting his decision, she starts crying on the podium as if it were unjust, igniting controversy about the decision.

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Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7

Instead of celebrating the gold medal, the press conference was focused on whether Na Hee-do winning Gold Medal is due to an error. Reporters asked her whether it was a bad call, Na Hee- Do deny and said it was a good call, obviously, I was faster. When Yu-Rim was asked the same question by the reporters, she replied it was a bad call and, definitely I was the faster one. Reporters keep on asking Na Hee-Do if she knows and referee and bribed him. Na Hee-Do replied, “Are you saying I had to lose to Ko Yu-rim now? Because everyone wants her to win.”

Na Hee-do became enraged as the reporters’ inquiries regarding the erroneous judgement poured in one by one. She finally, takes her Gold medal out and puts it on the press conference table and walks out of there.

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“What kind of show is this?” exclaimed Koh Yu-rim, furiously. “Who did the show?” Na Hee-do inquired. Do you have no idea who the players are? “Who did you think was the fastest?” “I was fast,” Koh Yu-rim insisted, and Na Hee-do retorted, “You honestly believe that you are fast?” My gold medal has been stripped of its respect because you refused to accept the verdict and did not acknowledge the outcome.” When Koh Yu-rim continued to scream that she was unhappy because she had lost the gold medal, Na Hee-do responded, “Now I am the one who has lost the gold medal.”

The news of Ko Yu-rim’s stolen gold medal flooded the headlines. When news contradicting Na Hee-do’s gold medal flooded in, Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) stepped up at the senior “People were rooting for Ko Yu-rim to win, but they fell short. However, the news should not support this.” The senior, on the other hand, chastised Baek Lee-jin for failing to maintain a distance from the respondent.

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When the voices of reporters overlapped like hallucinations, Na Hee-do, who had wandered away from the athletes’ village and walked aimlessly, went to buy medicine, and it was even bigger in the news when her mother, commented, “Go Yu-rim lost her gold medal and showed tears.”, ‘Did Na Hee-Do stole Ku Yu-Rim’s, Gold Medal’? Na Hee-do, who had gone to an unknown location, phoned Baek Yi-jin, who scolded Na Hee-do for her solitary acts while sighing with relief.

Following Na Hee-do, who was crying, Baek Yi-jin consoled her and asked her to say, “Ko Yu-rim is said to be a victim. But I, too, am a victim,’ to the reporters. “The players have no way of knowing. At the same time, you can’t tell who was faster until the lights come on, he added. Na Hee-Do denied his offer and explained to him how she knows she was faster. Baek Yi-jin persuaded her to go back to the trainee centre.

Baek Yi Jin then looks for the referee and asks him to explain his decision to the people, but, he refuses and heads to the airport. Later, her coach orders Yu-Rim and her to stay at home until eventually disposed of, as they both are being disciplined for what they did during the press conference.

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Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7

After seeing headlines like ‘Fencing Na-Hee also won’ and ‘Fencing Go Rim Stolen Gold Medal,’ she was hesitant to mix with people. At the same time that Na Hee-do was on her way to Seoul, unable to sit in a train seat because she was afraid of people’s harsh remarks. After wearing a baby carrier and holding a doll, Baek Yi-jin, who claimed, “I think it’s wrong to be attacked by everyone because an athlete is less recognised,” ultimately secured an interview with the referee.

Na Hee-do, who did not want to meet her mother, went to a soup restaurant. “Players may be perplexed as a result of their excitement. Common sense dictates that I did not perceive the best that was right in front of me.” The young players were the ones that had to deal with it. “The moment I should be most thrilled with has become such a scar,” Baek Yi-jin remarked in his report.

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Na Hee-do wept as she remembered the tragedy of the past. The customer at the table next to Na Hee-do was moved by the encouragement “You did a fantastic job. Congratulations on winning the gold medal. It must have been difficult.”

At the ending of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episode 7, Na Hee-Do is being mistakenly locked in the storeroom by the school guard, she then calls Baek Yi Jin to open the lock. While waiting for him she listens to the tape recording of Baek Yi Jin and sees his name with a girl’s name scribed on one of the chairs and he is confessing to the girl in the tape recording. As soon as Baek Yi Jin and others enter the room, the episode ends.

Meanwhile, episode 8 of 2521 will broadcast on 6th March, Sunday at 9:30 KST.

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