Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 6 Recap, Summary & Photos

Na Hee-Do and Baek Ki-Jin reunited in a dramatic way, in Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 6.

“Even amid terrible circumstances, I have never regretted marrying your father,” Baek Yi Jin’s (Nam Joo Hyuk) mother said in Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 6. “I’m heading to Seoul,” Baek Yi-jin stated emphatically after hearing this. “The opportunity to flee has arrived.” Baek Yi-jin became a UBS trainee reporter five months later, as if to keep his pledge to appear in front of Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-Ri) before the release of Volume 15 of Full House, and struggled while covering the subject.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 6 Still Cut, tvn, Netflix

Meanwhile, Na Hee-do has displayed exceptional abilities, earning silver and bronze medals at the World Cup and Grand Prix, placed them on the cupboard while glancing at Baek Yi-Jin’s handwriting, ‘National Representative Na Hee-do’ inscribed on her fencing Sword. However, Na Hee-do struggled due to the national team coach’s preference for Ko Yu-rim. Finally, when Ko Yu Rim entered her room Na Hee Do grabbed her hair and the two started to fight.

Twenty Five Twenty One
Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 6 Still Cut, tvn, Netflix

However, Baek Yi-jin went out to cover the protests and came across Na Hee-do wandering through the crowd. Baek Yi-jin was frantically searching the marching crowd for Na Hee-do when he dropped Full House 15th Volume from his backpack. Na Hee Do finds that novel and shouted Baek Yi Jin loud enough to be heard by Baek Yi Jin, after seeing each other they ran towards eacn other. They exchanged stares without saying anything, and Baek Yi-Jin apologised, saying, “Please accept my apologies for being late. Have you read Volume 15 yet?”. Now I can Read, she stated.

twenty five twenty one episode 6 6
Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 6 Still Cut, tvn, Netflix

Na Hee-do, who was so moved by Baek Ki-Jin that he decided to become a reporter, later she asked him to join her for lunch where she introduced her 3-day-old boyfriend to Baek Ki-jin, whom she met just 6 months ago. Baek Ki Jin laughed seeing her and her boyfriend doing silly things, she also mentioned, “When I saw your back, I thought my heart skipped a beat. “I prayed a lot for you so you wouldn’t have any difficulties. “Did my prayers work?” she asked Baek Yi-jin replied “It was a little difficult, and I got up soon away.”

After that, Baek Yi-jin, the Sports Bureau’s head of fencing, arrived in Gyeongju to cover the Asian Games, and Na Hee-do proceeded to the Asian Games final, where she fought for a gold medal with Ko Yu-rim. With only three hours until the final, Na Hee-do was presented with the dilemma of swapping swords with a Japanese player who had competed in the semi-finals. “Which player uses someone else’s sword in a match!” Hee-do Na exclaimed to the coach and asked if he could get her sword back but her coach said nothing, then, she took train to meet the Japanese player to get her sword back.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 6 Still Cut, tvn, Netflix

The problem, however, continued when the train was delayed. When Baek Ki-jin learned of this, he drove to Gyeongju Station and hurried Na Hee-do into his car. “I’m concerned I won’t be able to compete and lose,” Na Hee-do stated. She was calmed by Baek Lee-jin, who said, “In 15 minutes, we’ll arrive at the stadium, and you’ll warm up for 30 minutes before playing the final. There isn’t a problem.” The police had built up an iron vehicle control wall, but Baek Yi-jin showed her brains and got through, and Na Hee-do congratulated her, saying, “What would I do if I couldn’t meet you?”.

After that, Baek Yi-jin replied, “We had to run into each other at some point. I, too, was grateful. We were apart for the entire time we were “He said to Na Hee-do, who had persevered in the face of adversity. “Are you going to do well?” Baek Yi-jin asked as they approached the fencing arena. “I don’t know,” Na Hee-do responded, “but I’m sure I’ll win.” Then, as Na Hee-do of the national team rose to the last stage with a confident and confident look, she arrived at the finish of the first run, confidently running towards Ko Yu-rim.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 6 received 12.9% of ratings.

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