Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 5 Recap, Photos And Ending Explained

In Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 5, Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) drove Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-Ri) to her house, encouraging her to compete in the national team evaluation match the next day and telling her not to forget what he said. “You make other people grow up alongside you,” Na Hee-do stated. That’s why my support is a testament to you.” “I shall have all of your support,” She recalled what he said.  Let’s work together to achieve greatness”, she added.

She handed over the fencing sword Baek Yi-jin used in the fencing match as a gift to him after laughing. Baek Yi-jin was overjoyed when Na Hee-do claimed it was the first time for her to give a sword as a present to someone, and the two parted with a big smile.

twenty five twenty one episode 5
Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 5, Image Source: Netflix

When asked if she was confident by coach Yang Chan-mi, Na Hee-do, who participated in the national team evaluation match, she said to herself, “I won’t lose a single match today.” She was named to the national team after taking first place. After becoming a ‘national representative Na Hee-do,’ Na Hee-do dashed to the book rental business to see Baek Yi-jin, but she was stunned to discover that Baek Yi-jin, who she claimed had quit and vanished.  When the fencing sword, she gave to Baek Yi-jin with the words ‘National Representative Na Hee-do’ written on it was stuck on her house’s gate, Na Hee-do was unhappy as if she had been sentenced to parting, saying, “I’m gone.”

twenty five twenty one episode 5 5
Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 5, Image Source: Netflix

When debt collectors visited his younger brother Baek Yi-Hyeon and harassed him, Baek Yi-jin threw Pippi in the trash and decided to leave Seoul and go to his Uncle’s Town. However, Baek Lee-jin was surprised when his younger brother resented his decision to come to Pohang. He had been working in a fish market to help his maternal uncle and was exhausted by the reality of being overpowered by his power. Hearing Na Hee-Do’s voice left on the pager repeatedly comforted Baek Yi-jin, who was suffering after realising he wanted to flee. “I will make my support reach wherever you are,” he said.

During the cold and chaotic training of Ko Yu-rim, Na Hee-do, who entered the Taereung Athlete’s Village, found comfort and support by listening to the broadcast recordings of Baek I-jin, an announcer in the broadcast class at Taeyang High School. Na Hee-do, who gained strength by looking at the fencing sword that Baek Yi-jin had left behind, came in third place in the ‘Presidential Boat Fencing Competition,’ and Baek Yi-jin smiled brightly when he saw Na Hee-do on the sports news. 

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Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 5, Image Credit: Netflix

Baek Yi-jin, on the other hand, was overjoyed by the news of Na Hee-do and went to find a water tap and turn it on, recalling the summer days when he and Na Hee-do created the ‘Sudo Street Fountain.’ At the same moment, Na Hee-do turned on the water in the athletes’ hamlet by turning on the tap outdoor. Snow began to fall from the sky at that moment, and the two of them, who were equally positioned in front of the taps, faced each other as if they were in front of each other.

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Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 5, Image Credit: Netflix

After running through the falling snow, the two of them came to a halt, holding hands and smiling fondly at each other. “I missed you,” she says after the fictitious reunion brought on by longing. However, I noticed Because you showed it to me,” Baek Yi-Jin’s beeping voice boomed out over the payphone, and Na Hee-do burst out crying. With the voices of Baek Yi-jin, who pledges to appear before the release of the 15th Full House volume, “Wait, Hee-do,” and Na Hee-do, who enters a coin again and listens to Baek Yi Jin again and over again.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 5, Image Source: Network

Meanwhile, On the 26th Feb, an average of 9% for households in the metropolitan region, a maximum of 10.1%, an average of 8% for households countrywide, and a maximum of 8.8 % were recorded in Episode 5 of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One.’ took the lead Furthermore, the tvN target, male and female 2049 viewership ratings averaged 4.2 % in the metropolitan area and 4.9 per cent in the metropolitan area, 4.2 per cent in the national average, and 4.7 per cent in the national standard, ranking first in all channels in the metropolitan area and nationwide at the same time (cable, IPTV, satellite). Based on the Nielsen Korea-provided integrated paid platform). Source: Ten Asia.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 5 is full of emotions, Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin both long for each other. It clearly shows how they desperately want to see, talk and run (as they always do) with each other.

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