Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 15 Recap: The Plight Of Separation

In Twenty Five Twenty One Ep 15, Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-Ri) approached Baek I-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk), who was crying near the graffiti reading “Go Yu-rim Maekuk-no,” and wiped away the tears she blamed for Ko Yu-Rim’s naturalisation report. “I’m going to share whatever you have,” Na Hee-do remarked while removing the graffiti, assuring him that it was Baek Yi-Jin’s duty to do the coverage. Sadness, joy, happiness, and irritation are all emotions that people experience.

Because of the relationship with Na-Hee-Do, Baek Yi Jin moved to the social affairs department and became much busier, and Na-Hee-Do, who had entered her fencing town, also had a hard time finding time, but the two went on a date until they fell asleep. The two were pleased as they rang in the new year while listening to the Bosingak bells ringing back to 2001 in a beautiful night vista.

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After reporting at the scene of the crane fall, Na Hee-do observed Baek Yi-jin in distress, but she did not approach him. “I don’t want to be uninteresting,” Baek Yi-Jin stated, explaining why he was unhappy that people were dying every time he arrived at a drinking party with his seniors.

Baek Yi-jin, who was pleased with the arrival of Na Hee-do, brought Na Hee-do to sleep and stated, “Life is really valuable. While we are still alive, let us love without regrets. ” When Na Hee-do awoke, she encouraged Baek Yi-jin, who had always believed that Na Hee-do would lead him to a better place, stating, “You are the person who will make the world a better place.” Don’t push yourself too much. ” “I love you in every way,” Baek Yi-jin hugged Na Hee-do, who had gotten immense comfort.

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Yu-rim, who won the gold medal in the 2001 Madrid competition, met Na Hee-do in the final. “I want to become a person who is not an opponent of Hee-do,” Baek Yi-jin, who was watching the show with Shin Jae-kyung, told Shin Jae-Kyung “Waiting and feeling disappointed,” Shin Jae-Kyung stated of Na Hee-Do’s look. Is it acceptable to have a relationship in which one person constantly apologises and the other constantly resigns?

After buying a couple of suitcases with Na Hee-do as a surprise, Baek Yi-jin wanted to go on a 600-day commemoration vacation, but the jet slammed into the World Trade Center in New York, and the journey could not be completed. Na Hee-do, who arrived alone at Baek Yi Jin’s destination, read a heartfelt letter from Baek Yi-jin, but Baek Yi-jin left the next day for New York. Na Hee-do suffered watching Baek Yi Jin’s report on TV because Baek Yi-jin was fatigued from the awful scene in which so many people died. “I miss you so badly,” and “My Baek Yi Jin,” but Baek Lee Jin did not return for the reunion for over a month.

“I don’t want to call this kind of emotion progress,” Baek Yi-jin wailed in response to Na Hee-Do’s comments, “Be strong since it’s a growing process.” Furthermore, Na Hee-do learned from her mother that Baek Ti-jin had filed for the position of New York correspondent, and she expressed her disappointment, stating, “Baek Yi-jin must be apologising to me once more. I wish you’d quit apologising right now.”

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“I still support you. But the more you do, the farther away you are, “a painful narration flowed over Na Hee-do, who was walking in front of the snowy Bosingak ahead of 2002. Tears welled up in her eyes. Next, Na Hee-do, who had a lonely expression on her face at the location where she and Baek Yi-jin had celebrated the new year a year ago, and Baek Yi-jin, who had a grim expression for the new year in New York, crossed paths.

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