Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 13 & 14 Recap & Summary

Twenty Five Twenty One‘ Kim Tae-Ri and Nam Joo-hyuk embraced each other’s emotions. Baek Yi-Jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk), who was concerned about the relationship between a reporter and a fencer, kissed Na Hee-Do (Kim Tae Ri) in episode 13 of 2521.

In the year 2000, Na Hee-Do kissed Baek Yi-jin. “It’s not a mistake,” Na Hee-do explained. She stated, “I wanted to change.” “Almost all the bruises are gone,” Baek Yi-jin observed, looking at Na-feet hee’s without reacting. “Are you feeling better?” He mentioned this as he drove Na Hee-do home. “Is this kind of love not okay?” Na Hee-do, who had just entered the house, asked. “You love me, but this kind of love isn’t okay?” “I’m more concerned about whether the bruises on your toenails have healed,” Baek Yi-jin merely remarked. “Why not destroy the earth?” remarked Na Hee-do, who had entered the house. “I’d rather die.”

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 13

“I came to see you,” Na Hee-do explained. I sat for an hour and a half at cold. “Go to the supermarket and get me some bread,” she urged as she walked into the store. “I waited for an hour,” Baek Yi-jin put a shawl over Na Hee-do, who was eating hopping. “People have come out who are worried about my toenails,” Na Hee-do lamented, and Baek Yi-jin said, “I’m nervous.” That’s exactly what I was scared I wouldn’t be able to do. “I felt compelled to speak up.”

According to Baek Yi-jin, “You are not obliged to say anything. “Stay,” he advised. Na Hee-do approached Baek Yi-jin at this moment to remove something from Baek Yi-Jin’s garments. Baek, taken aback, turned his body and shoved the buns into his mouth. “Says Na Hee-do,” “I didn’t intend to kiss you. “I was going to remove that out,” he sobbed. Na Hee-do said, “I’ll go,” and rushed away when Baek Yi-jin was ashamed and didn’t know what to do. ‘It’s terribly shameful,’ Hee-do remarked, pulling out his diary. How are you going to get away with it like that? I wouldn’t even try to avoid insects. She wrote, ‘I despise it.’ Then, when attempting to type ‘I despise you,’ I made a mistake.

Baek Yi-jin drank the entire bottle at home while thinking of Na Hee-do. “Na-heedo too, you and I can’t do that,” Baek Yi-jin, who was drunk and grabbed the cell phone, muttered as he pressed the call button. In the end, it will disappoint you in some way. But I’m shaking, and I want to shake,” he admitted. Moon Ji-woong, on the other hand, was the person Baek Yi-jin called in a drunk state. “Is it fortunate?” Baek Yi-Jin inquired the next day after learning about this. Isn’t that so? “He sighed. According to Ji-woong Moon, “I didn’t deliver it, so don’t worry. Because my brother shakes me as well. He taunted, “I want to be shaken.”

Baek Yi-Jin sought guidance from seniors about relocating the department. The senior advised that the reporter and the one being reported should be kept at a safe distance from one other. In front of her house, Na Hee-do was waiting for Baek Yi-jin once more. “Na Hee-do, says “Who do you find yourself thinking about the most these days? I’m not you, and I believe that the best way to like someone is to get to know them. What brought you here? I don’t believe I have any self-confidence. Isn’t it a little too big? I had no idea I was this way. Because this is me, and I’m both shy and seductive. Do you get what I’m saying? Do you know why I love you?” He inquired. According to Baek Yi-jin, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Accept it if you want me to.

“I took a chance,” Na Hee-do explained. Either you have it all or you don’t. This is something I’m doing with the purpose of losing everything. I was terrified of losing it, but I began gambling anyway. So, if you’re going to push, make sure you push straight. Draw a straight line along which you are willing to give up everything. I’m not going before that.” “Then I’ll go,” Baek Yi-jin remarked as he entered the gate, looking at Na Hee-Do’s lips.

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Twenty Five Twenty One

On her way home from work, Baek Yi-jin discovered Na Hee-do standing in front of her house. “Thank you for beautifully conveying our end,” Na Hee-do stated. According to Baek Yi-jin, “Because of those words, the department director summoned me and cursed me. Journalists are not supposed to say stuff like that. I have no regrets about meeting and loving you. My failure is to be rattled by you, to desire to be shaken by you. My failure is something that can’t be taken for granted.”

“Na Hee-do, says “Wouldn’t this have happened if I hadn’t kissed? I won’t do it if you don’t love like this. I just wanted to share the joy of seeing snow with you today. With tears in her eyes, she said, “It’s like I’ve never done that before.” “I’ll leave,” Baek Yi-jin stated as he walked away from Na Hee-do and into the house. When Na Hee-do was left alone, he said, “Is it true that you are not crying? whatever the case I can’t lose myself in a rainbow, a love like this, or a love like that. can’t afford to lose So don’t even think about going any further.” At this point, Baek Yi-jin burst through the door and kissed Na Hee-do. Baek Yi-jin remarked, “I’m losing my mind. Let’s make love like this.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14

In Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14, Ko Yu-Rim’s father was involved in an accident just before joining her jobless squad, and he was forced to pay her compensation money and medical bills. Ko Yu-rim, who was going through a terrible time in her life, decided to become a Russian naturalised citizen in order to save money. The news of Ko Yu-Rim’s citizenship in Russia was originally reported by Baek Yi-jin.

“It’s not anyone else, it’s Yu-rim,” Na Hee-do told Baek Yi-jin after hearing the news. Isn’t it possible to make money by selling other people’s disasters while keeping an eye on them? When I won the Asian Games gold medal, I recall how wonderfully my tragedy sold. How difficult it was for me to witness it all beside you. “At the very least, Yurim wouldn’t be able to achieve it,” she exclaimed. “Then what should I have done?” Baek Yi-jin asked. You should have covered up the information that should have been reported immediately away if it had been another player. Do you have a good relationship with Yurim? Is it any different the second time around? Can you keep meeting with me and Is it okay if I exploit your misfortune to conduct business? Perhaps you don’t know anymore. He was agitated. “I’m worried something like that will really happen,” Baek Yi-jin muttered to himself when Na Hee-do left first.

Baek Yi-jin sat down and sobbed after discovering a graffiti that read ‘Ko Yu-rim Maekuk-no’ in the tunnel. When Na Hee-do arrived to remove the graffiti, he discovered Baek Yi-jin crying.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14, Image: Twitter

“Let’s not promise anything,” Koh Yu-rim said to Ji-woong Moon before departing the nation. Let’s not promise that we’ll always love each other and that we’ll never change. There’s nothing we can guarantee about when we’ll be able to come to Korea, or when we’ll see each other again.” He stated his case. “You’re getting ready to leave,” Ji-woong Moon replied. I wasn’t planning on leaving.” “Go first since you’re upset,” Koh Yu-rim stated, but Moon Ji-woong expressed his sincerity by saying, “I won’t leave you alone under any circumstances.”

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14, Image Source: Twitter

Moon Ji-woong was not informed of Ko Yu-Rim’s departure date. Moon Ji-woong went to the airport after learning about Ko Yu-Rim’s departure from Ji Seung-wan. Moon Ji-woong, the one who discovered Ko Yu-rim, kissed her and said, “I’ll do it for myself. I’ll never meet someone else and not think of anyone else.”

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At the ending of Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14, Baek Yi-jin, who became an anchor in 2009, and Na Hee-do, who won a gold medal in an international competition for the second time, were drawn. Lee Jin Baek conducted a video interview with Na Hee Do. “She has always cheered for me with the same heart from the beginning until today,” Baek Lee Jin remarked. Nahee chimed in as well, saying, “I’m in the same boat as you. Regardless of where I am, I am rooting for the anchor with all my heart.” “And it’s late, but congratulations on your wedding,” Baek Lee-jin added. Baek Lee-jin was not Na Hee-Do’s husband she disclosed.

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