Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12 Recap: First Love Kiss

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12′, With the thrilling ‘First Love Kiss Ending,’ Kim Tae-Ri and Nam Joo-hyuk have grown up as fencing players and reporters, signalling a change in their relationship.

In Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12, After reconciling with her mother, Na Hee-Do and her mom went on a drive to their home, during their journey home Na Hee-Do’s mon told her to visit her dad’s cemetery more often from now on. When her mom asked about her CSAT college entrance exam, she said that she was not going to enrol in college, after listening to this her mom freaked out and scolded Na Hee-Do and asked her to take the exam.

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Twenty Five Twenty One, Episode 12

Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-Ri) informs Yang Chan-mi, a coach who is attempting to persuade her junior Lee Ye-Ji not to quit fencing. Their coach kept a condition for her if she desperately wants to quit fencing then she has to win the quarterfinals in the Nationals. Na Hee-Do and Ko Yu-Yim helped Ye-Ji in her training.

Finally, when Ye-Ji Lee reached the quarterfinals of her national tournament, Yang Chan-mi advised that she must play the finals, but she denied and told her she doesn’t want to take someone’s else opportunity as she is fed up with fencing and don’t want to be a fencer anymore. When her coach asked what would she do after quitting fencing, Yi-Ji replied, She wants to try baking.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12

Baek I-Jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk), the Sports Bureau’s fencing coordinator, volunteered to go to Daegu, where the national fencing championship is going to hold, a day early to cover the baseball game. Baek Yi-Jin was traumatised by a live broadcast from the past when his laptop turned blank and he couldn’t remember the news. Baek Yi-jin, who began reporting cautiously, was shocked when rainfall wiped the articles he had written down on his diary, rendering them unrecognisable, yet he calmly delivered the news. Baek Yi-legs Jin’s loosened and he collapsed as soon as he finished, but his colleagues said, “Did you just memorise it?” “Our reporter, it’s come a long way,” they praised him.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12

Tired Baek Yi-Jin waiting for Na Hee-Do, there came a man searching for his backpack, when Baek Yi-jIn asked him if he could help him that man replied in French and when Baek asked him whether he speaks English, He replied, No English. Meanwhile, Na Hee-Do arrived and talked to that man in French which made Baek Yi-Jin surprised and he was completely impressed by her. Baek asked Na Hee-Do, who had come to the national competition, and asked if she felt at ease, who was unable to compete due to a three-month suspension.

“The burden is also an experience,” Na Hee-do stated. Athletes must be in charge of the game. Whether I win or lose, I only feel like I’ve matured after that. “What is the meaning of a player who doesn’t play as a player?” she asked, surprising Baek Yi-jin. “I think you were last year and the person you are today is extremely different,” Baek Yi-jin stated, looking at Na Hee-do, who has grown even more. Is next year going to be different? “Are you going to be twenty?” “I want to see you close to me for a long time, I want to see what person you will become”, he replied with a smile. He keeps getting cooler,” he continued, endlessly cheering Na Hee-do.

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Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12, Source (1)

When Baek Yi-jin was wishing for Na Hee-do, Jeong Ho-jin (Hee-Do’s ex-boyfriend) appeared and informed Baek Yi-jin that he couldn’t forget about Na Hee-do and that the reason they broke up was because of Baek Yi-jin, leaving Baek Yi-jin dumbfounded. Baek-jin, on the other hand, responded Ho-Jin stated that he was toying with Na Hee-do, saying, You’re kidding, right? Who takes jokes like this seriously, with their eyes, facial expressions, thoughts, and values?” Baek Yi-jin replied, “Her time is more valuable to me than mine. All I want is for it to be a great experience. And I’m capable of doing so.” He declared his love for Na Hee-do. Furthermore, Baek stated, “You have no idea what she’s up to? You do not need to know. Na Hee-Do was listening to them hiding behind the wall.

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Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12

Only Na Hee-do and Moon Ji-Woong took the CSAT exam and passed their high school days, with the exception of Ko Yu-rim, who chose to join the fencing business team, and Ji Seung-wan, who chose to drop out after she filed a police complaint against her teacher who habitually assaults students, she also disclosed the name of the school and the teacher in her radio show as police denied to help her, the show was discovered by her teacher and he asked her to write him an apology and read it aloud in front of the whole school. She denied doing so as she knows she did nothing wrong and decided to quit school rather.

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Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 12

Amid the chaos of the world in the run-up to the millennium in 2000, the five of them gathered in Baek’s room, fearful that the earth would be devastated, and went home, claiming that they should be with their families. As Baek and Hee Do leaned against a wall and sat next to each other, watching the Bosingak bell ring on the TV, Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin, who was left alone, were engulfed in an unpleasant environment. “Isn’t there anything you want to do before the world ends?” Baek Yi-jin asked. As the countdown began, Na Hee-do, who had answered “not very much,” kissed Baek Yi-jin on the lips, and the two quickly peered into each other’s eyes. “The centuries have changed, as have the years. Na Hee-Do thought as the Kiss End and she turned twenty.

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