Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 10 Recap: Beach Trip

In Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 10, “It’s love,” I love you. “I don’t need a rainbow,” Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) said, Na Hee-Do (Kim Tae-Ri), thinking for a bit before replying, “I don’t think I’m that good and my feelings for you are not love?” which made Baek Lee-jin giggle. “I love you just the way you are, no matter what you do or how you appear,” Baek Yi-jin added, “and I have nothing to expect.” “Does love truly work that way?” “That’s true,” he said to Na Hee-do, who was intrigued, “but for you,” he revealed his honesty. “I’m a little happy,” Na Hee-do replied, smiling brightly as if Baek Yi-Jin’s confession of love had worked.

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Following that, Na Hee-do scribbled in her diary about the moment she witnessed Ko Yu-rim and Baek Yi-Jin worrying about her wounds. “It feels like the sparsely populated globe is filling up. The sensation of making friends with everyone and getting along with all of life’s hardships. I’m getting stronger. “I became a fearless person in an instant,” wrote Na Hee-do, who added, “I think I can do anything if I am with Baek Yi-jin.”

Baek Yi-jin, on the other hand, was overlooked as a high school journalist, and he was devastated by the way he dealt with hardships and disputes and struggled. Following his elders’ suggestion, Baek Yi-jin apologised to the documentary producer with whom he had picked a fight for hurting Na Hee-do, but the documentary producer, who pretended to be a great person in public, ridiculed him by claiming he was a high school graduate and from a bankrupt family. Furthermore, at a dinner party, Baek Yi-Jin said to his senior, “I have to do really well.”

He had heard that he might become the lone high school journalist again due to academic background limits. If I don’t, my academic background could be jeopardised and then people like me won’t get the chance. Later when he arrived home his father phoned and asked how was he doing?. ‘I am paying the price of happiness I enjoyed before’, he replied.

Baek Yi-jin, on the other hand, planned a beach trip for filming because he felt bad for Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim, who wanted to go on a school vacation. Meanwhile, Ji-Woong and Wan-Seung overheard them planning a trip and asked whether they could them. Wan-Seung persuaded Baek-Yi-Jin to take Ji-Woong and her along with them. They all got ready to go on a beach trip, seeing them dressed oddly, Baek Yi-Jin refused to go, later they all arrived at his Uncle’s town for a beach trip. Then they proceeded to the sea to play.

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After returning from the beach all of them shared their stories with each other, Moon Ji-Woong said her mother brought her hard when her parents divorced when she was young, and Yu-rim said her life became difficult because her debt increased, and Na Hee-do said her father died when she was in elementary school. Wan-Seung said, life is boring and this trip is boring too, she kept trying to do different things to make it funny and because she is with Ji-Woong it’s fun.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 10

In the ending of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 10’, As the sky turned pink at sunset, the five of them sat together, looking out at the gorgeous beach and expressing their gratitude. “We’re going to be the masters of this summer,” Na Hee-do says romantically, and Ji Seung-wan yells, “This summer is ours!” It elevated the stakes in terms of friendship. Furthermore, when Na Hee-do exclaimed, “Why do you think this moment will endure forever?” Baek Yi-jin softly said, “I think it will last forever” and congratulated Na Hee-do on her wish. He prophesied a future that would be brilliant.

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