Twenty Five Twenty One Ep 16 Recap: Nam Joo Hyuk & Kim Tae Ri Bitterly Parted

In Twenty Five Twenty One Ep 16, Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-Ri) and Baek I-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) have finally broken up. Baek Yi-jin decided to stay in New York for a longer period of time after volunteering as a New York correspondent. “I guess I’m going to Korea next month,” Baek Yi-jin told Na Hee-do. “I’m not in Korea next month,” Na Hee-do remarked, citing a number of global championships. “I want you would stop feeling sorry for me now,” Na Hee-do stated, recommending they split ways.

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Twenty Five Twenty One Ep 16 Recap

After some time, Baek Yi-jin returned to Korea, but Na Hee-do fled the nation. The carrier of the two persons who used the coupling carrier, on the other hand, was reversed. Although Na Hee-do had left Baek Yi-Jin’s suitcase at the airport, Baek Yi-jin had brought it straight to Na Hee-Do’s residence. Na Hee-do went out the gate after hearing Baek Yi-jin leave her suitcase behind. “Says Na Hee-do,” “This love is no longer a source of strength for me. I’d like to cease gnawing at each other while feeling sorry for and resentful of each other. Isn’t it true that we’re all important to each other? ” “Can we break up?” Baek Yi-jin asked. Na Hee-do says “It was something I was already doing. I can’t live without seeing my overlapping acquaintances because there are so many of them. Let’s greet each other in the neighbourhood.”

When Na Hee-do went to a cell phone retailer to get a new phone, she discovered that cancelling the couple’s plan required the consent of both parties. Baek Yi-jin was the only option for Na Hee-do. The two fought in the tunnel on their way back from cancelling the plan, promising to work hard together even if it was difficult.

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“Says Na Hee-do,” “How did you spend your time when we were apart? You claimed to be unaware.” ‘I didn’t pretend I didn’t know; I just couldn’t say anything,’ Baek Yi-jin explained. I didn’t want to entrust the difficult tasks to you.” “I’m sorry if I made you upset,” he sobbed, “but I was clinging to it with all my strength.” Na Hee-do “We are only in love when things are going well. It’s a burden when things are difficult ” he added, tears welling up in his eyes. “Do you have no intention of comprehending me?” Baek Yi-jin asked. s Na Hee-do said, “You don’t comprehend what I’m saying either. “Did you enjoy it?” “Don’t be reckless,” Baek Yi-jin warned, and Na Hee-do yelled, “When did you say you liked doing something recklessly?”

The bitter parting with Baek Yi-jin was written in Na Hee-Do’s diary. She eventually misplaced her diary as she exited the bus. Baek Yi-Jin’s ID card was found inside. Baek Yi-jin wept as he read Na Hee-Do’s diary. Na Hee-do received a text message from Ji Seung-wan while training informing him that Baek Yi-jin was departing. The two people who were at odds seldom spoke to each other. They hugged and consoled one another.

Seven years later, through an interview as an anchor and a fencer, the two were reunited. Ko Yu-rim started a fencing club after retiring, and Moon Ji-woong became the CEO of a fashion company. Ko Yu-rim, the team’s coach, got a surprise proposal from Jiwoong.

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Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 16

Time has flown by once more. The diary of Na Hee-do was eventually passed down to her daughter. Baek Yi-jin had given it to the comic book store at the time, but the owner had had it for a long time. In the past, Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin had a proper parting. ‘You were the person who reassured me just by being there,’ Na Hee-do told Baek Yi-jin. ‘It was just the big self,’ she explained, “the person who hugged me lovingly when I was lonely.” ‘You were the one who raised me up when I was at my toughest,’ Baek Yi-jin remarked. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to get this far. ” “I loved you with all my heart,” Na Hee-do stated. Baek Yi Jin said ‘Na Hee Do is my first love’.

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