Twenty Five Twenty One Ep 11 Recap: Misunderstanding Between Na Hee-Do & Her Mother Cleared

In “Twenty Five Twenty One Ep 11”, six years after her father died, Na Hee-do learns the truth about her mother, Shin Jae-Kyung. The misunderstanding related to Na Hee-Do’s father’s with her mother was cleared.

Previously in ‘Twenty Five Twenty One Ep 10‘, On a school trip idea, Baek I-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) took the four of them on a beach trip. ‘Twenty Five Twenty One Ep 11’ starts with Na Hee-Do (Kim Tae-Ri) telling Baek Yi-Jin about his father. She tells him what her life was like before her father’s death and how she lives now. She said “Early on in my life, I was taught how to live alone. I rapidly adapted to it “‘I miss my father,’ she expressed her longing.

Na Hee-Do exclaimed, “I didn’t even tell you about my father earlier,” Baek Yi Jin replied, I only heard about your father once when you mentioned him in the Asian Games Interview and I kind of guessed about your father.

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Baek Yi-jin has been officially appointed to the Sports Bureau as a reporter. Baek Yi-jin took Na Hee-do to a high-end restaurant where he had previously visited with his family. Na Hee-Do asked him why he took her here, it seems to be an expensive restaurant? Baek Yi-Jin replied I am now an official reporter. “What was you before?” Na Hee-do asked. “It’s difficult to make you understand,” Baek Yi-jin joked, “but you can consider of it as a wage rise.” “I’m in charge of fencing,” Baek Lee-jin explained, “so I greet well-known players ahead of time.”

It would have been impossible without you up to this point. Baek Yi-Jin said. Na Hee-Do asked employees kind of know you well here, Baek Yi-Jin replied, I used to visit here often with my family. Even though you can’t bring your family, it’s nice to have a lot of memories, Na Hee-Do said and told him to let’s make nice memories here.

Na Hee-do was concerned that his father’s wooden chair, which he had created while he was still alive, was deteriorating. Her mother agreed to accompany her to the carpentry workplace the day after tomorrow. However, on the day of the meeting, the press office was called into action to relay the breaking news that prison escapee Shin Chang-won had been caught. Shin Jae-Kyung returned from a dinner party and immediately hurried to the television station to deliver the breaking news. She was highly drunk but was seemed completely sober at the time of news delivery.

On a rainy night, Na Hee-do, who was waiting for her mother, sat alone on a sofa and attempted to walk to the woodworking shop. Na Hee-do, who was going down the stairs, dropped the chair, which smashed into pieces. “What should I do?” Na Hee-do wondered as she was disturbed because the chair made by her father broke.

Her mother, Shin Jae-Kyung arrived late at home. “Are you stupidly taking it alone?” her mother asked. “I felt my mother didn’t honour her commitments,” Na Hee-do said, “Emergency came at work, she tried to explain her situations to Na Hee-Do” “What does that have to do with me?”. “I had to deliver Breaking news,” Shin Jae-Kyung stated. I’m both your mother and an anchor, When you’re upset or sick, would you skip your game then how could I skip my duties as an anchor.

I thought when you’re older, I’m sure you’ll understand. I wished for you to mature soon. You have no desire to comprehend yourself. You’re always expecting to be let down.” “Says Na Hee-do,” she says “Did you expect me to mature quickly so that I can understand you? I’m going to stay at the age of thirteen. I’m not sure why my mother didn’t show up for my father’s funeral due to breaking news, so I’m still 13 years old. You are correct, I don’t even want to know what you’re talking about.

I’m still 13 years old.” she went on to say, “My mother’s absence from my father’s funeral was a mystery to me at the time. “I didn’t know what it meant at the time that my mother didn’t come to my father’s funeral,” she added. However, when I grew older, I realised what that meant. It hurt more the more accurately I knew.

Shin Jae-Kyung had to prioritise breaking the news of a plane crash over attending the funeral in order to display her abilities as an anchor at the time. Shin Jae-Kyung cried during the broadcast, but she maintained her unshakable attitude. To Na Hee-do, Shin Jae-Kyung stated, “All you can think about is your father. I don’t think so. It irritates me. That’s how I’ve always been when raising you. I had to avoid it and forget about it in order to survive. But don’t berate me for attempting to avoid it. That’s how I keep going.”

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Na Hee-do found that her father’s handcrafted wooden chair was missing. She sobbed and said, “Her mother threw out the chair that her father had constructed for her. There isn’t any, “In front of Baek Yi-Jin. “Let’s find it together,” Baek Yi-jin soothed Na Hee-do as she hugged her. “When I saw your mother delivering news at the news station, that was the first thing that came to mind. That she is someone (your mother) I aspire to be like. It’s difficult to say that a circumstance like this was a wound for you. She says “It’s perplexing. My mother made you dream, which hurt me. That’s fine as is.”

Na Hee-do was advised by Baek Yi-jin to construct her own chair. Na Hee-do learnt woodworking at a woodworking shop. She discovered her father’s wooden chair on the side of a carpentry shop not long after. She claimed that Shin Jae-Kyung had left the chair to the carpenter. Na Hee-do subsequently discovered that her mother had forgotten about her father’s chair and had it fixed.

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Baek Yi Jin took Na Hee-Do and Ku Yu-Rim to Ji-Woong’s concert making the excuse of interviewing them to their coach. One of Ji-Woong’s group members fled to solve the quarrel with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, he asked Baek Yi-Jin to perform as a Guitarist with him as he said he was the 14th guitarist of their school. He persuaded him to put on their uniform and play the guitar on the stage.

When Na Hee-do noticed Baek Yi-jin dressed in a school uniform, she invited him to listen to the show he was hosting. In response to Baek Yi-jin’s for students, Ji Seung-wan broadcasted on campus. Moon Ji-Woong confessed to Ko Yu-rim in public. ‘I Like Yu-rim’. Following that, the four of them and Baek Yi-jin relished the moment while watching fireworks.

Twenty Five Twenty One Ep 11

At the end of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One Ep 11’, Na Hee-do was asked to visit her father’s grave, by her mother. Shin Jae-Kyung wailed while bowing to him, unable to rise up. “Mom crying?” Na Hee-do was taken aback when she asked. “Shin Jae-Kyung,” said “Is it true that you’re still 13 years old? I’d like to speak with you when you’re older. I genuinely miss your father. I’m really missing him, “She sobbed. “I miss Dad very badly, too,” Na Hee-do said as she hugged her mother.

Twenty Five Twenty One Ep 11

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