Top 10 Trending K Dramas 2022 To Watch Right Now

Here is a list of trending K dramas for 2022. This list contains the best of the best recently released Korean dramas, which you should definitely check out this year. These Korean dramas are highly praised by the viewers and have gained international popularity. This list contains Korean dramas of various genres, whether it is rom-com, fantasy, thriller, action, or suspense, you name it.

Korean dramas are gaining more and more popularity worldwide because of their unique concepts, mind-blowing scripts, and, most importantly, top-notch acting. Choose your next Korean drama from this list of top trending k dramas 2022.

Trending K Dramas 2022 to watch right now:

1. All O f Us Are Dead

Genres: Coming-of-age; Horror; Zombie apocalypse
Ratings: 7.6/10-IMDb, 8.5/10-MyDramaList, 84%-Rotten Tomatoes
Total Episodes: 12
Release Date: January 28, 2022

all of us are dead
Trending K Dramas 2022, All Of Us Are Dead, Image Credit: Netflix

All of Us Are Dead tells the story of a group of high school students trapped in Hyosan High School where a zombie virus has spread. The students desperately escape from school to avoid becoming zombies. The new Netflix original Korean series “All Of Us Are Dead” brings another Korean-style zombie movie to a global audience. “Turning ordinary people into zombies is the scariest part of a zombie series. The scene where people turn into zombies is extremely terrifying. You will be able to feel the extreme fear in the scenes that show people transforming into zombies.

Yoon Chan-young portrayed as Lee Chung-san
Park Ji-hoo portrayed as Nam On-jo
Cho Yi-hyun portrayed as Choi Nam-ra
Park Solomon portrayed as Lee Soo-hyuk
Yoo In-soo portrayed as Yoon Gwi-nam
Lee Yoo-mi portrayed as Lee Na-yeon

2. Ghost Doctor

Genres: Comedy, Medical, Fantasy, Supernatural
Ratings: 8.5/10-MyDramaList, 8.1/10-IMDb
Total Episodes: 16
Release Date: January 3 – February 22, 2022

Trending K Dramas 2022, Ghost Doctor, Image Credit: tvn

The drama revolves around two doctors with contrasting personalities and medical skills, with completely opposite extremes in their backgrounds. Cha Young-min is a genius doctor with outstanding surgical skills, but he is very arrogant and selfish. Meanwhile, Suntak is the grandson of the founder of Meishin Hospital and the son of the chairman of the hospital. He is the happiest and wealthiest trainee.

Rain as Cha Young-min
Kim Bum as Go Seung
Uee as Jang Se-jin
Son Na-eun as Oh Soo-jeong

3. The One and Only

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Ratings: 8.1/10-MyDramaList, 8.3/10-IMDb
Total Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 20, 2021 – February 8, 2022

Trending K Dramas, The One And Only, Image Credit: jtbc

When Pyo InSook was a kid, her parents abandoned her. After that, she was raised by her grandmother. Her life has never been easy or comfortable. She is currently working in a public bath and scrubbing the body of her customer. Her self-defense mechanism is not about expressing her feelings to others. One day, Pyo Insuk learned from a doctor that he doesn’t have much time to live. Pyo InSook meets two patients, SeYeon and MiDo , at a female hospital. Se-yong is an ordinary housewife and MiDo is a popular social media influencer. Meanwhile, Woo Chung is involved in a murder case. On a rainy day, he meets Pyo Insk.

Ahn Eun-jin as Pyo In-sook
Kim Kyung-nam as Min Woo-chung
Kang Ye-won as Kang Se-yeon
Park Soo-young as Seong Mi-do

4.Young Lady and Gentleman

Genre : Family drama, Romance, Comedy-drama
Ratings: Mydramalist-7.9\10 IMDb-7.6\10
Total Episodes: 52
Release Date: September 25, 2021 – March 26, 2022

Trending K Drmas 2022, Young Lady And Gentleman, Image Credit: KBS

Dan Dan lives with her stepmother and her stepbrother, De Bam, who is a constantly failing businessman, Tired of enduring them, she leaves her house. She feels abandoned by her luck and climbs the mountain. There, Dan Dan meets Young-guk (Ji Hyun Woo), who is hiking in a suit. Young-guk is the chairman of a talented company and a widower with three children. Coincidentally, Dan becomes Dandan’s tutor in Younguk. When they start living together and taking care of Yonguk’s children, they fall into big and small conflict situations. Despite the age difference of 14 years, they start to like each other. Trending K Dramas 2022.

Ji Hyun-woo as Lee Young-guk
Lee Se-hee as Park Dan-dan
Park Ha-na as Jo Sa-ra
Kang Eun-tak as Cha Gun.

5. Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

Genres: Fantasy; Historical drama
Ratings: 7.5/10-IMDb, 8.3/10-MyDramaList
Total Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 18, 2021 – February 6, 2022

Trending K Dramas 2022, Bulgasal, Image Credit: tvn

It depicts the story of Dan Hwal who was a human 600 years ago. He became immortal while serving as a military officer on his mission to wipe out the remnants of the former dynasty. He was immortal for 600 years and, Min Sang Un, was immortal once. She is now reincarnated into a human being and lives as a human. After she went through a tragic event, she changed her name and identity. She lives in hiding and looks to exact revenge. Trending K Dramas 2022.

Lee Jin-wook as Dan Hwal
Lee Joo-wan as young Dan Hwal
Kwon Nara as Min Sang-woon
Lee Joon as Ok Eul-tae
Gong Seung-yeon as Dan Sol
Jung Jin-young as Dan Geuk
Park Myung-shin as Hye-suk
Shin Soo-yeon as young Hye-suk
Kim Woo-seok as Nam Do-yoon

6. Moonshine

Genres: Romance; Historical drama, Comedy
Ratings: 7.9/10-MyDramaList, 8.6/10-IMDb
Total Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 20, 2021 – February 22, 2022

Trending K Dramas 2022, Moonshine, Image Credit: KBS

Set in Joseon Era when alcohol was strictly forbidden.
Nam Young is an officer of the Saheonbu. One of the missions of the Saheonbu is to crack down on those who have broken the alcohol ban. Namyoung came to Hanyang from his hometown. He has a charming look and strict personality. He meets Kang Rosso . Kang Roso is the daughter of a poor aristocrat. She is actually the earner of her family. She doesn’t mind doing manual labor for money. She begins brewing alcohol during a strict alcohol ban to pay off her debt.

Yoo Seung-ho as Nam Young
Jung Hyeon-jun as young Nam Young
Byeon Woo-seok as Lee Pyo
Kang Mi-na as Han Ae-jin
Choi Won-young as Lee Si-heum
Jang Gwang as Yeon Jo-mun

7. Through The Darkness

Genres: Action, Thriller, Suspense, Crime
Ratings: 8.2\10- Mydramalist
Total Episodes: 12
Release Date: January 14 – March 12, 2022

Trending K Dramas 2022, Through the darkness, Image Credit: SBS

It depicts the story Song Ha Young, a Criminal Profiler who reads the minds of serial muderers, he is patient and digs the cases and investigate them thoroughly by looking deeply into human mind. Trending K Dramas 2022.

Kim Nam-gil as Song Ha-youn
Lee Chun-moo as young Song Ha-young
So-jin as Yoon Tae-goo

8. Tracer

Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Drama
Ratings: 8.1\10-MyDramalist
Episodes: 16
Release Date: January 7 – March 19, 2022

Trending K Dramas 2022, Tracer, Image Credit: wavve

Hwang Dong Joo is responsible for Tax Division 5 of the National Tax Agency. He is working hard to track down the money hidden from the tax authorities. His team includes Seo Hae-young, who has a bright personality, and his boss is Oh Young . In TaeJoon is currently the director of the local tax office. He is an ambitious man and has earned his way to the top through corrupt and illegal actions.

Im Si Wan as Hwang Dong Joo
Son Hyun Joo as In Tae Joon
Go Ah Sung as Seo Hye Young
Park Yong Woo as Oh Young

9. Rookie Cops

Genres: Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
Ratings: 8.1/10-MyDramaList, 8.8/10-IMDb
Total Episodes: 16
Release Date: January 26, 2022

rookie cops
Trending K Dramas 2022, Rookie Cops, Image Credit: Disney+

Rookie Cops follows the story of a freshman at the Elite Korean National Police University (KNPU), which is considered one of the most conservative and exclusive campuses in South Korea. Wi Seunghyeon is an excellent freshman who succeeds his father. Everything is going according to plan until he meets Go Eungang. This drama shows students dreams, love, challenges and ambitions.

Kang Daniel as Wi Seung-hyeon
Chae Soo-bin as Go Eun-gang
Oh Ah-rin as young Go Eun-gang.
Lee Shin-young as Kim Tak
Park Yoo-na as Ki Han-na

10. Our Beloved Summer

Genre: Romantic comedy; ‎Drama‎
Ratings: MyDramaList-8.6/10 , IMDb-8.8/10
Total Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 6, 2021- January 25, 2022

Our Beloved Summer
Trending K Dramas 2022, Our Beloved Summer, Image Credit: SBS

This drama depicts complicated feelings between two ex lovers, a coming of romantic comedy which revolves around two ex lovers who broke up5 years ago with a promise to never meet again. But destiny wants something else, the documentary they filmed ten years ago when they were in high school went viral and they are forced to appear in front of cameras together again by their producer friend.


Choi Woo-Sik as Choi Ung
Kim Dami as Kook Yeon-Su
Kim Sung Cheol as Kim Ji-Ung
Roh Jeong Eui as NJ

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