New Top 10 Most Liked Korean Dramas on Netflix

Most liked Korean dramas on Netflix. Who doesn’t like Korean dramas, in the last few years, Korean dramas have become part of everyone’s watchlist. Viewers are consuming a lot of Korean content nowadays, and they are praising and appreciating the creators of these dramas as well. Who doesn’t know the huge hit Korean Netflix series “Squid Game”, which has become one of the most viewed Netflix series of 2021? “Hellbound” was released on Netflix on November 19, 2021, and became the world’s most-watched Netflix series the next day, surpassing the series which is also a Korean series, yes you guessed it right, “Squid Game”.

Netflix is releasing a lot of Korean content on the platform by considering the demand of users and their likeability. Netflix has every genre of Korean drama, whether it is romance, fantasy, thriller, suspense, or crime, you name it. There are a lot of Korean dramas on Netflix.

There are dozens of Korean dramas on Netflix that are highly liked and appreciated by the viewers. Some of the top 10 most liked or viewed Korean dramas on Netflix are as follows:

The Most Liked Korean Dramas On Netflix

1. Squid Game

Squid Game
Korean Dramas On Netflix, Squid Game, Image Credit: Netflix

Genre: Survival, Thriller, Horror, Drama

“It is Netflix’s most-watched series of November. 2021, became the top viewed program in 94 countries”

Ratings: IMDb-94 Rotten Tomatoes-94%
No. of episodes: 9
Release Date: September 17, 2021

It is a survival drama. In this drama, 456 people who are highly in debt are invited to play a children’s game, and the one who wins all the games will be rewarded with a large cash prize. The drama starts with a man named Seong Gi Hun, who is a gambler who is highly in debt and a divorced father who lives in a small apartment with his mother and daughter.

It is very interesting to watch how these people are made to play the children’s game and what they will do in order to win the game in order to win a huge amount of cash price. No doubt it is one of the most liked Korean dramas on Netflix.

2. Hellbound

Korean Dramas On Netflix, Hellbound, Image Credit: Netflix

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Dark Fantasy

“Most viewed series on Netflix”

Ratings: IMDb-6.710, Rotten Tomatoes-96%
Total Episodes: 6
Release Date: November 19, 2021

People start to hear predictions about their deaths and when they will die. When their death draws near, a deity of death will appear in front of them and kill them. It gives rise to religious groups and creates chaos in the town. Hellbound is set in South Korea from 2022 to 2027. The face of another world, called an angel, suddenly begins to materialize, and at some point in the future, it begins to offer prophecies called decrees that blame certain individuals for hell.

Three giant supernatural monsters appear almost at the same time, tearing and burning the human body with a kind of magnificent display of power called a demonstration. Two gang-like organizations, the New Truth Society like the cult and the Arrowhead group like the gang, gain power by tampering with people’s fears.

Of the six episodes in the series, episodes 1-3 focus on detectives investigating supernatural phenomena, the head of the new Order of Truth, and principal lawyers. With the exception of the lawyer, the protagonist changes in episodes 4-6, which are set five years later and focus on the television producer and his wife, who are suffering from the fact that a newborn baby is destined for hell.

3. My Name

My Name
Korean Dramas On Netflix, My Name, Image Credit: Netflix

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Ratings: IMDb-7.9\10, Mydramalist-8.7\10
Total Episodes: 8
Release Date: October 15, 2021

Yoon Ji-woo’s (Han Seo-hee) father passed away suddenly. She longs for revenge on the man responsible for her father’s death. Ji-woo Yoon works at the Dongcheongpa drug club. Choi Moo-jin (Park Hee-soon) is the boss of a drug gang. To uncover the cause of his father’s death with Choi Mu-jin’s help, Yoon Ji-woo enlists in the police and becomes a mole in a drug trafficking gang. Yoon Ji-woo was assigned to the drug investigation team of the National Police Agency. Her partner is detective Jeon Pil-do (Ahn Bo-Hyun).


Korean Dramas On Netflix, Vincenzo, Image Credit: tvn

Genre: Crime-drama; Dark comedy, Thriller, Suspense

Ratings: IMDb-8.5/10 Mydramalist-9/10
Total Episodes: 20
Release Date: February 20 – May 2, 2021

At the age of eight, Park Ju-Hyun (Song Joong-ki) was adopted by an Italian family. He later joined the Mafia and was adopted by Don Fabio, the head of the Cassano family. Renamed “Vincenzo Cassano”, he will be the right arm of lawyers, Mafia Consigliere, and Don Fabio. After Fabio’s death, Paolo, Fabio’s real son and the new leader of the Cassano family tries to kill Vincenzo. He escapes to Seoul and goes looking for 1.5 tons of gold. He helped a recently deceased Chinese tycoon secretly hide in the basement of Geumza Plaza. However, a subsidiary of the Babel Group illegally owns the building, and Vincenzo needs to use his skills to regain the building and regain his property.

Among the eccentric residents of Geumza Plaza is the law firm, run by Hong Yu-chan (Yoo Jaemyung), who admits that Vincenzo has a common interest. Initially, she clashes with Hong Yu-chan’s daughter, Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-bein), a lawyer at a rival company, but after her father’s death, she takes over the practice and joins hands with Vincenzo and other tenants to fight against the Babel group.

5. Sweet Home

Sweet Home
Korean Dramas On Netflix, Sweet Home, Image Credit: Netflix

Genre: Drama; Horror; Apocalyptic; Supernatural

Ratings: IMDb-7.4/10 Mydramalist-8.7/10
Total Episodes: 10
Release Date: December 18, 2020

Sweet Home follows the story of a boy who moves into a new apartment after the death of his family. In his new apartment, he starts to witness frightening things, like humans turning into monsters. Now he and the neighbours struggle to survive. Turn off the lights and feel the chills of this steamy horror drama.

6. Love Alarm

Love Alarm
Korean Dramas On Netflix, Love Alarm, Image Credit: Netflix

Genre: Romance, Drama, Youth, Friendship

Ratings: IMDb-6.9/10 Mydramalist-7.6/10
No. of seasons: 2
No. of episodes: 14
Release Date: August 22, 2019 –March 12, 2021

This drama follows the stories of high school students who have created a cellphone app, Love Alarm. If a person likes you and if they are within a 10-meter radius of you, the alarm of the app rings. The app additionally suggests what number of humans like you. However, the app doesn’t show precise information on who likes you.

Kim Jo Jo is a high school student who is intelligent, pretty, and bright. She is quiet as her parents died when she was very young. Since the death of her parents, she has been living with her aunt’s family. Living with her aunt’s family isn’t easy for her. First, she would not download the app as her smartphone is old and doesn’t support the app.

Meanwhile, Hwang Sun Oh is a popular boy in the school where Kim Jo Jo studies. He is the son of a rich family; however, he isn’t cherished by his mother and father. His excellent buddy Lee Hye Yeong also attends the same school. Hwang Sun Oh notices that his excellent buddy Lee Hye Yeong likes Kim Jo Jo. Kim Jo-jo, who is involved with the two guys who fall for her, It will be interesting to watch who she chooses.

7. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Hometown Cha Cha Cha
Korean Dramas On Netflix, Hometown Cha Cha Cha Image Credit: Promotional Poster

Genre: Romance, Slice of life

“The highest-rated series on cable television history”

” Netflix’s most-watched non-English television series “

Ratings: IMDb-8.6/10, Mydramalist-8.8/10
Total Episodes: 16
Release Date: August 28 – October 17, 2021

It is the story of an intelligent and pretty dentist, Yoon Hye-jin, who resigns her job after finding that the head of the hospital is corrupt. One day, she sets off on a trip to a beautiful seaside village, where she meets a handsome and attractive man named Hong Du-sik, who is called the chief in that village due to his generous and kind personality. He always helps her whenever she is in trouble.

It is interesting to see how they develop romantic feelings for each other.

8. Nevertheless

Korean Dramas On Netflix, Nevertheless, Image Credit: Netflix

Genre: Romance, Drama

Ratings: IMDb-7.2\10, Mydramalist-7.5\10
Episodes: 10
Release Date: June 19 – August 21, 2021

Park Jae-eon (Song Kang) is an art major. He looks kind to everyone and is usually cheerful. Nevertheless, he is very indifferent to others and does not believe in love. He wants to date and flirt with different women, but doesn’t want to be in a real relationship. He unexpectedly falls in love with Yu Navi (Han So Hee) and begins to change. Yu Navi is an art student at the same university as Park Jae-eon. In her past, she broke up with her first love because of his dishonest nature. Then she decided not to let love affect her. She then meets Park Jae-eon and develops her feelings for him.

Song Kang’s starrer upcoming Korean Drama

9. Run On

Run On
Korean Dramas On Netflix, Run On, Image Credit: Netflix

Genre: Korean drama, Romance, Drama, Life, Sports

Ratings: IMDb-7.6/10 Mydramalist-8.4/10
Total Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 16, 2020 – February 4, 2021

It tells the love story of Seon-gyeom and Oh Mi-joo, a subtitle translator. Seon-gyeom is a sprinter who is a national track athlete and always gets the second position. His parents were both busy, so he grew up without social interaction. Oh Mi-joo is his only real friend who loves movies and works as a film translator.

10. Sisyphus: The Myth

korean dramas on netflix
Korean Dramas On Netflix, Sisyphus: The Myth, Image Credit: Netflix

Genre: Science fiction; ‎Thriller‎; ‎Drama‎; ‎Action

Ratings: IMDb-7.1/10 Mydramalist-7.8/10
Total Episodes: 16
Release Date: February 17 –; April 8, 2021

A mysterious event takes place, which introduces an engineer to dark secrets and to a woman from the future who has come looking for him to save the world from destruction. She saves a man from death and prevents him from inventing an uploader, the time machine.

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