Tomorrow Kdrama Ending Explained & Review

Tomorrow‘ kdrama left a deep impression until the very end. Kim Hee-sun saved herself by saving people who had given up on tomorrow.

On the 21st of May, drama ‘Tomorrow’ came to an end. This work, based on the same-named webtoon, depicts the narrative of the dead, who save humans who want to die.

In the final Tomorrow Ep 16), Gu-ryun (Kim Hee Sun) is apprehended by Ha Dae-so. When Park Joong-gil (Lee Soo-hyuk) learned of his prior life, he blocked Ha Dae-su, while Gu-ryun went to Ryu Cho-hee’s rescue.

Guryun then proceeded to see Park Joong-gil. “Why didn’t you tell me,” Park Joong-gil replied. “Even if we were a couple, the relationship was cut off,” Gu-ryun stated of her relationship. Hundreds of years have passed, even if the feelings remain.

It was also depicted what happened between Gu-ryun and Jade Hwang. Jade Hwang paid a visit to Gu-ryun, who had already suffered, and stated, “The person you must save will emerge in the distant future. You must save him from death.” Gu-ryun recalled the incident and revealed to Jade Hwang that the person she needed to save was heself.

After the expedition, Jade Hwang asked Guryun what she wanted. Jade Hwang agreed to Guryun’s proposal that the crisis management team be recognised as an official department.

Lee Seung-gi welcomed Choi Jun-woong (Rowoon) back. He had forgotten about the underground, but he still had the appearance of a member of the crisis management team. He persuaded a coworker who had chosen to die to reconsider his decision and agreed to attend a concert with him and Ryu Cho-hee. Choi Jun-woong’s performance was praised by Guryun Park Jung-gil and Lim Rung-goo.

Tomorrow Kdrama Review

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research business, the first episode received a 7.6 percent rating based on household standards, however ratings dropped drastically from the following episode, with 2 percent being recorded many times. ‘Tomorrow,’ however, has a deeper meaning than the ratings. The stories of school violence victims and anorexia patients who dread the end of the world caused viewers to reconsider the power of words and the meaning of life.

It also attracted notice since it allowed for the rediscovery of Kim Hee-sun. “This work will be rediscovered for the 23rd time,” she stated during the production presentation, revealing that she has always been rediscovered as a work.

Kim Hee-sun wore pink hair and black makeup, had a high synchronisation rate with Guryun in the original webtoon, and gently conveyed his feelings as if to verify his remarks. Rowoon, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kim Hae-sook, and Yoon Ji-chemistry on’s received a lot of attention.

The drama ‘Tomorrow,’ which has a positive theme, impacted viewers positively . Guryun’s insight that “the only person who can free herself is she herself” was a crucial realisation for people trapped in a trap they had created for themselves. ‘Tomorrow,’ despite its low ratings, left a lasting impression.

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