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In Tomorrow Ep 5, the crisis management team of Guryun (Kim Hee-sun), Choi Jun-woong (Rowoon), and Lim Rung-goo (Yoon Ji-on) had a role in saving Kang Woo-jin (Kang Seung-Yoon) who was in despair after losing his wife.

Guryun’s previous life has been exposed. Ryun’s signature red makeup was applied by her ex-boyfriend, who claimed it suited her nicely. “How do you gaze at me with such eyes?” Ryun, from a prior life, asked Nang-gun. “I am in love,” Nang-gun said. Ryun and Nang-gun tied the knot and got married.

Tomorrow Ep 5

Guryun pretended to be a psychiatrist in order to investigate Kang Woojin’s suffering. Kang Woo-jin, on the other hand, firmly bit his mouth. He was recalling the day when Heo Na-young proposed to him earlier. Na-young Heo had previously told Woo-jin Kang, “‘When you turn 30, a person becomes a tree,’ says my favourite drama. The key point is who blossoms the flowers on that tree, which signifies that your life can change no matter who you meet.

“What do you mean?” Kang Woo-jin inquired after hearing this. Young, on the other hand, took out her ring and replied, “Is it okay if I put flowers on Kang Woo’s tree? I’m giving it plenty of water and sunlight, and I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to get it to bloom beautifully. ” Kang Woo-jin returned the compliment with a serenade. Furthermore, Kang Woo-jin was in excruciating pain as he recalled the day when Heo Na-young was driving on his behalf after staying up all night and causing an accident.

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Gu-ryun discovered medicine in Kang Woo Jin’s pocket. Guryun remarked, “Mr. Kang Woojin is a Korean businessman. Take what she has in her pocket and leave. ” The medicine was then taken from Kang Woo-jin’s pocket by Gu-ryun. “Do you think you may meet dead people like this?” Guryun inquired. According to Kang Woo-jin, “What do you think you know? What are your plans for me, then? ” “You have no idea what this suffering is,” Kang Woo-jin added. He explained Okay, that’s it. There are numerous ways to die.”

Guryun enquired, “It is entirely up to you whether or not to die. That’s correct. How can you know if you’ve never experienced it? Everyone acts as though they know what’s going on. But that’s not what I’m interested in. Is there any other reason? What’s wrong with Kang Woo-jin?” Woojin Kang exclaimed, “Because I killed her. I killed Nayoung and walked away.

Rung-Gu’s head was snatched by Park Joong-Gi. “Let go of it,” Guryun explained. As you can see, he is a team leader with no abilities, therefore all he did was follow my orders.” Lim Rung-gu was apprehended by Choi Jun-woong. “From now on, the crisis management team will look after the deceased Na-young,” Guryun stated. “Is that the lion’s liability guarantee?” he inquired. “It is the lion’s job to assure that he would save one extreme choice,” Park Joong-Gil remarked.

“What is the lion’s responsibility guarantee?” Choi Jun-woong inquired. “The lion who has been assisted is a contract that must satisfy the demands of the lion who helped him,” Lim Rung-gu said. It can’t be avoided or denied.” Gu-ryun then split up with Choi Jun-woong and Lim Rung-gu and went on the hunt for Kang Woo-jin. “I warned you, you should have died that way,” Gu-ryun, who discovered Kang Woo-jin hanging from the stair railing, remarked. “What do you know,” Kang Woo-jin responded. You understand how excruciating it is to be alive and breathing. Do you have any idea what it’s like to lose completely?” “I know,” Guryun said. My heart is shattered, and there is nothing left to tear. Even after a long period of time,

Na-young Heo appeared at this point and stood there watching. Guryun explained, “It’s also a source of pain for those who have departed. Come to your senses, then. You won’t be able to see Na-Young Heo again if you die like this, even though millennia have passed. You are living and Na-Young Heo is dead. Accept it and move on.” According to Kang Woo-jin, “Na-young was killed by him. I despise myself a lot. I was a bird X who shouldn’t have been born in the first place.” Guryun then added, “Because Na-young Heo came to your rescue. People’s natural impulse is to turn the steering wheel in their own direction. To save you, Na-young Heo turned the steering wheel toward you.
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Kang Woo-jin leapt over the stumbling block. Guryun came within a whisker of catching Kang Woojin. Guryun showed off her powers despite wearing the ability control ring. Your body may turn to ashes if you wear the ring and use the Grim Reaper’s powers. Gu-ryun, on the other hand, demonstrated her talents by allowing Kang Woo-jin and Heo Na-Yeong’s spirits to meet in the Jade Hwang Garden. Face-to-face, Woo-jin and Na-young promised love beyond life and death, resulting in a red thread.

“You shall meet again as long as you don’t break the red thread yourself,” Guryun stated, “no matter how many times you are born again.” “Is cutting yourself off an extreme choice?” Choi Jun-Woong wondered. “You’re going to be punished for breaking off all your interactions with yourself,” Guryun answered. She went on to say, “As you can see, the folks that are left are not the only ones who are upset. Those who have departed are in the same boat. As a result, I believe it is the responsibility of those who will live tomorrow to love and cherish those who are close to them during their brief existence on this planet.”

Jun-woong Choi asked, “I believe it was simple for me to consider.” I assumed it was someone else’s problem, yet it still hurts; have you become accustomed to it? ” “I despise witnessing people split up and suffer because of death, even after hundreds of years,” Guryun replied.

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