Tomorrow Episode 3 Recap: Rowoon Tries To Save His Friend From Suicide

In Tomorrow Episode 3, Guryun (Kim Hee Sun) accepted Choi Jun woong (Rowoon), who has nowhere to go, as a team member for crisis management. Lim Rung-goo inquired, “Working for Zuma-deung is the best way to make money in the underworld. It’s a place where you have to beat a ten-thousand-strong competition to get in. What makes you think you’re going to hire someone like that?” Jun-woong Choi yelled, “In any case. In this universe, I wasn’t joking.” Guryun responded, “You’re inquiring because you don’t know? You lack the fundamentals and abilities, so why did you claim you’re going to get a guy who makes mistakes? I’m going to keep it close by. “

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Choi Jun-woong took a look inside the crisis management team’s office. The Grim Reaper Code of Conduct was introduced to Choi Jun-woong by Lim Rung-gu. “The most essential thing is that there is no Choi Jun-woong in this world today,” he added. Choi Jun-woong returned to his life and returned home. “I intended to do my father’s work better, but I ended up obtaining a job like this,” Choi Jun-woong remarked as he sat in front of his father’s ancestral ritual. Nonetheless, this is a major corporation. In Korea, there is likely no comparable company of this size. So don’t be concerned.

“Mr. Choi Jun-woong, will you exclude this incident?” Lim Ryung-gu asked. Guryun asked, “What is the reason for this? Do you believe it would be an issue if personal feelings were involved? Private feelings might be beneficial at times. Isn’t that so?” Choi Jun-woong measured his friend Namgung Jae-Su’s depression level and dashed off somewhere. Choi Jun-woong had previously turned away from Namgung Jae-soo, who was being bullied by his classmates, before eventually assisting him.

Choi Jun-woong dashed to Jae-soo Namgung’s house. Choi Jun-woong was not recognizable to Namgung Jae-soo. Choi Jun-woong called the cops to report that one of his friends was about to die. Choi Jun-woong, on the other hand, was apprehended by the police for breaking into a house. Choi Jun-woong was picked up by Lim Rung-gu. He claimed that his close one was involved in an accident and was thereafter rendered sane. Gu-ryun ordered Choi Joon-woong, who had returned to the crisis management team’s office, to relax.

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Namgung Jae-su, a third-year police officer, just failed the first test, and Lim Ryung-Su sated that’s why his depression index skyrocketed. Gu-ryun and Lim-ryung-gu battled Namgung’s bad luck in his home. Gu-ryun and Lim Rung-gu claimed to have come to teach the gospel, but Jae-soo Namgung was impolite. Choi Jun-woong emerged in the end. ‘If you fail, you have to do it all over again,’ Choi Jun-woong texted Namgung Jae-soo. When Namgung Jae-soo received his text, he rushed out of his house and began running.

Gu-ryun, Jun-woong, and Lim Rung-gu followed in the footsteps of Namgung Jae-su, who was running. These are the three persons that didn’t have Namgung’s good fortune. Jun-woong Choi, on the other hand, appeared to be in Jae-soo Namgung’s situation. Jae-soo Namgoong went to Jun-woong Choi’s hospital room, where he was in a coma. Junwoong Choi, who had gone into a coma unexpectedly, suffered a seizure. Choi Jun-Woong’s temporary physique has begun to resemble his genuine body. Choi Joon-woong was in danger of dying, but with the help of Park Jung-Gil, he was able to escape.

Following that, Choi Jun-woong saw Namgoong Jae-soo, who was alone and drinking in front of a convenience shop. Namgoong Jae-soo became drunk and shouted “It’s like hell, Jun-woong. Even still, I clung to the belief that one-day things might improve. What went wrong with me? Why can’t I do it? Every day, I lived as if I were going to die.” Jun-woong stated, “I understand. Everyone else seems to be gazing ahead, but I feel like I’m the only one who has taken their eyes off the road. I feel like a loser, yet I’m the only one who is still standing. You, on the other hand, are the one who does it until you find yourself. Huh? That’s not who you are.”

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Jaesoo Namgung admitted: “I barely made it out alive. But now you’re gone, and you’ve reached your limit.” “Hey, don’t cry,” Choi Jun-woong said, comforting him. “I want to eat chicken,” Jaesoo said before passing out. Choi Jun-woong is the one who wishes to help Namgung Jae-soo, who has a depression index of 90%. He wants to assist him because he is his friend. “I will listen to the team captain and not respond,” Choi Jun-woong said.

Guryun ultimately decided to travel to the forbidden past in order to save Namgung’s luck. Gu-ryun and Choi Jun-woong visited Jae-soo, who was 6 years old at the time. Despite Jae-soo Nam’s memories, his family faced hardships as a result of the IMF. ” I was definitely thrilled,” Choi Jun-woong remarked. When Guryun heard this, she stated, “Memory is selective in humans. Good memories are kept, while bad recollections are discarded. Fo the sake of memory, we shroud the past. Only then will we be able to love. “

At the end of Tomorrow Episode 3, Gu-ryun and Choi Jun-woong, who were about to return to the present, followed in the footsteps of Jae-soo Nam’s father, Nam, who went to buy chicken. Namgung Jae-Soo’s current depression index has risen to 97 percent. Namgung Jae-soo, who attempted to leap into the car, was apprehended by Lim Rung-gu. Then he went on to say, “Soon, I’ll be able to eat the chicken I ate when I was at my happiest. So, please, don’t be so naive. ” Namgung Jae-soo demonstrated his lack of willpower by declaring, “On the occasion of my birthday. I can understand my father’s expression. “

Namgung sped up and attempted to fall outdoors. “Is it life insurance?” Choi Jun-woong asked, attempting to halt Nam So. Guryun noticed him going at the same time and sped up, blocking Nam Jae So’s car in the front. Nam, on the other hand, dashed to dodge to avoid Guryun’s car.

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