Tomorrow Episode 2 Recap: Kim Hee Sun & Rowoon Rescues A Victim

Guryun (Kim Hee-sun) and Choi Jun-woong (Rowoon) solved the crime in “Tomorrow Ep 2, Kim Hee-sun, in particular, rescued a victim of school violence who was on the verge of making a life-altering decision and punished the culprit.

Gu Ryun and Choi Jun-woong saw in Eun Bi’s past how she had been bullied by Kim Chae-won through her memories. Choi Jun-woong was apprehended by Ryeon. Guryun remarked, “Patience is required. Don’t get in the way of anything. Do you want to be enslaved by their recollections? “

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Despite Guryun’s warning, Choi Jun-woong raced towards No Eun-bi. Choi Jun-Woong’s deeds began to pierce the memory chasm. According to Gu-ryun, “Jun-woong You’ve got to get out of here, and began to sprint. “Where should we go?” Choi Jun-woong wondered as he ran. “This is where we came in,” Guryun said. “You have to find a door with a keyhole,” Guryun explained. They were the ones who discovered the keyhole in the door.

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“I told you not to do anything,” Guryun said angrily. Jun-woong Choi explained, “How are you going to stay still? I was on the verge of passing away, old writer.” “It’s simply a memory,” Guryun explained. “I’m sorry that my body reacted before I even thought about it,” Choi Jun-woong apologised. Gu-ryun double-checked the key that Choi Jun-woong had given him. The key was shattered. Jun-woong Choi explained, “Why is it malfunctioning? Nonetheless, I swiftly picked up and opened what I had dropped.” “Bite your molars tightly,” Gu-ryun said as he approached Jun-woong.

In an interview, Kim Hye-won, the creator of the webtoon ‘Boksooni,’ said, “More than anything, I’d like to provide some solace to the victims of school violence. I have no intention of standing up for the criminals. It had an impact on the victims’ lives.” Noh Eun-Bi’s tears continued to flow. ‘Boksooni’ was a popular webtoon about a vengeance plot against school violence abusers.

“Why do the culprits live well and just the victims suffer?” Choi Jun-woong was enraged. Guryun remarked, “It appeared to be broken somewhere, and I was stuck in the past. As if it were a prison car. I can’t get it out of my head, and I feel like a fool.” Hearing this, Choi Jun-woong exclaimed, “How can you forget a memory like that? What kind of individual could do that? Is it true that you have no idea what you’ve written? Do you feel any regret? Do you have any remorse?” Guryun remarked, “I have no recollection of who stepped on it. I only recall the person who was trampled.”

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Kim Hye-won realised that the person she had beaten in school was Noh Eun-bi. She presses Kim Hye-won on her Noh Eun-bi once again. Noh Eun-bi had a gloomy figure of over 90%, therefore she went to the rooftop to make a drastic decision. Guryun confronted Noeunbi. She said, “If time passes, it will be forgotten. Get over it if you can’t forget it. Do you believe that after you die, everything will be over? “she asked.

“It will still be less painful than it is now,” Noh Eun-bi said. “That’s right,” Gyu-ryun responded. It’s entirely up to you whether you live or die.” Noh Eun-bi began heading towards the stumbling block. “Try to overcome,” Guryun remarked, seeing this. “What are you talking about like that?” Junwoong inquired from a neighbouring location.

Rung-gu was told by Choi Jun-woong, “You claim to be able to save a person in this manner? Are you certain? Is it possible to save someone like this?” Then he began descending the stairwell. “Do you think it’ll all be over when you die?” Guryun questioned Noh Eunbi. Eun-bi screamed, “I’d like to live. I’d like to live. I don’t want to pass away. I, too, do not wish to die in this manner.” Guryun remarked, “Take a moment to consider what I just stated. Who was it who said those words?” went on to say, “You’ve found the one who has come to save you. No, it’s the dead’s messenger.” Noh Eun-bi was taken aback by Guryun’s statements.

‘I want to live,’ Noh Eun-bi thought. “You will live,” Gu-ryun whispered as she grasped her falling Noeun and used her superpowers to safely place her Noeunbi on the land. Choi Jun-woong recalled smiling when he saw No Eun-bi and Jung Jun-ha, who was serving as the department’s assistant chief at the time. Noh Eun-bi smiled as she saw Jung Jun-ha, and Choi Jun-woong added, “Thank you for hanging in there so well. You didn’t surrender.”

Guryun received complete retribution for the bullying perpetrators who harassed Noh Eunbi. Kim Chae-won knelt and prayed, “I made a blunder. Never, ever again. Please assist me.” Guryun remarked, “Do you want me to live in anticipation of that moment? Eunbi cried every day and even considered suicide during that dreadful period.” The fact that Kim Chae-won was a previous offender of school violence was revealed in the news. Guryun remarked, “You’re going to be humiliated by people you don’t know from now on. You’re going to consume your soul’s flesh. Would it still be preferable for you to live? The hell that follows death will be much more awful “and walked away.


Kim Hae-sook remarked, “You stated that you will do admirably. However, it was a bummer.” “For some reason, I’m concerned the team may be dismantled quickly,” Guryun commented when she heard this. According to Jade Hwang, “What could the cause be? You want to meet that individual as soon as possible. The person you truly need to share your life with, “he stated Guryun enquired, “When am I going to be able to meet that person? Is there anything like that?” ‘Yes,’ Jade Hwang said “I’m sure I’ll run into you at some point. That way, you’ll get what you want.” After that, he inquired about Choi Jun-woong.

“Even a broken watch is right twice a day,” Guryun responded. “Well, that isn’t that bad.” “Then let’s collaborate,” Jade Hwang remarked. “I don’t want to,” Guryun muttered, and then walked away. “Are you still undecided?” Jade Hwang inquired of Choi Jun-woong. “No,” Junwoong Choi said. “I’ve made my decision.” Jun-woong Choi has been assigned to the video management team. “When you edit zouma, the world thinks only you are having a hard time,” the video management team joked. Is it only you who’s having trouble? I’m having trouble as well.

“No,” Choi Jun-woong yelled in answer. They appeared to be people who wanted to laugh and have a regular life when I saw them. I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t want to live like this. So please don’t talk like that if you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Joon-woong Choi Why did you feel compelled to develop stuff like this so quickly? So I’m waking up after a three-year coma? Wouldn’t they look at me if I just stated I was crazy for a while?”

Guryun was observed in a little suit travelling through a tunnel before becoming a grim reaper. Ryeon was approached by Jade Hwang, who said, “Work at the main lantern instead of doing what you asked for when you first came here. And the person you must save will appear in the far future. You must save him from death. Of course, you get exactly what you want. If you’re interested in getting it, “he stated Gu-ryun stated that she would welcome Choi Jun-woong, who had been rejected by everyone else. Lee Soo-hyuk said, “Now I’m going to refer to him as the previous team captain. That day, I should have recognized him. Let’s make sure we don’t collide. It’s because it’s a pain. “

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